In Cold Blood: A Daughter's Brutal Murder: Hope

A Killer: In Her Own Words

Hear Hope Rippey, in her own words. 


More of Hope Rippey, in her own words.


Hope, speaking in a previously recorded interview, says that while she doesn't know what she could have done differently, she knows her part in the crime. She says she was the one who lured Shanda from her home, while her father slept, drove the car, and poured gasoline on her moments before the end of her life. She says she also never stopped when she could have gotten help. "I know my actions ultimately resulted in Shanda dying," Hope says. "I do believe that I could have saved Shanda's life."

Paije tells Dr. Phil that she believes that God will have a plan for the murderers who took her sister, just as his plan has taken care of her family, and comforted them in their grief. She only takes issue that they never served their time in jail. "We have to serve our time," she says. "We don't get to see Shanda anymore. She's six feet underground. That's where we had to put her."

[AD]Hope is in studio and is prepared to speak to Shanda's family, and Jacque wavers whether or not she can confront her daughter's killer. She eventually decides that she must be there to support her other daughter, Paije. "I'm not going to leave her out here by herself," Jacque explains. "I just pray [that] I can be dignified. I just would never want to shame Shanda's name."


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