In Cold Blood: A Daughter's Brutal Murder: Jacque Discusses Amanda

All Roads Lead to Amanda

Jacque says that she knows exactly why her daughter was murdered, and it's not because of the girls convicted of the crime. She says it all starts and ends with Amanda Heavrin.

In the month before the murder, Jacque says she had no indication that anything was wrong with her daughter. "Grades were great. She was happy again," she says.

"You said, ‘happy again'?" Dr. Phil asks for clarification. "Tell me about the dip."

Jacque says that her daughter had befriended the wrong people and became especially close to the wrong person " Amanda Heavrin. "That was the beginning of the end," she says. 

The two girls struck up a friendship after being placed into detention together. Jacque says that incident was the first time her daughter had ever been in trouble in school. "Shanda was in a school where she was desperate to be accepted," Jacque says. "Amanda put her hand out and said, ‘Let me be your friend,' and Shanda [accepted].

"I knew from the very beginning it was a bad relationship," Jacque continues. "It got worse and worse, and Shanda got worse and worse. Everything about her changed." She then drops a bombshell: "Amanda molested Shanda. There is no easy way to put that. Amanda was, and is, a lesbian. Shanda didn't know her sexuality " she was 12."

Jacque says she became increasingly concerned about Shanda, and eventually went through her things, reading a letter which confirmed for her that there was sexual activity between the two girls. She noticed deep and visible shame in her daugher. "She changed her clothes," she describes, "and the way she dressed. She stayed in her room. She didn't want to have contact with anybody. She cried constantly. She failed her grades. She wouldn't wear anything but very loose clothing. Shanda was a good student, and very athletic, but I found out she failed PE. What I found out later, after the murder, was that because of what was going on with Amanda, and all the shame she had from that, she wouldn't take her clothes off in gym. That's why she failed."

[AD]Jacque says that she asked Amanda's father to see to it that her daughter ceased contact with Shanda. She thought things were getting better, until she says she discovered the girls were still in communication. 

"Amanda Heavrin is a predator," Jacque says. "My daughter would still be alive if it weren't for her. She was the first link in the chain."