Inside a Family Divided: Alex, Katherine

The Sisters Speak
It's a six-month checkup of the members of the Dr. Phil family.
"Before I met Dr. Phil, the most important thing to me was who was going to love me next, what guy I was going to date next," she says. "I probably would have continued pursuing the wrong kinds of relationships needing to be loved. The most important thing to me is taking care of Nathan. Physically and emotionally, I've changed to become more of a mommy than a 15-year-old girl."

Alex notes that since being on the show she and her family have also gotten a lot better at communicating. "My dad's not afraid to show emotion," she says. "And my dad and my sister have gotten closer, but my opinion of my dad has not changed. Some days I don't like him and some days I do."

As for her mom, Alex has observed that she has become a lot closer with Katherine. "My mom has really changed with my sister since she met Dr. Phil," Alex says. "They talk a lot more. But she hasn't changed at all with me. I would kind of like for my mom and me to be closer than we are."

Katherine originally thought that she and her family would be on TV only once or twice and that their problems wouldn't be solved.

Her opinion quickly changed. "Once we got into it I thought, 'Wow we're going to be in this for the long haul,'" she says.

Katherine also notices significant changes in her father. "Since working with Dr. Phil, my dad has changed a lot," she says. "He's not as grumpy and mean and he doesn't yell, and instead of always being with my sister, he invites me."

Katherine has also noticed changes in how she gets along with Alexandra. "Me and my sister used to fight all the time," she says. "I'm really, really proud of her. I thought she'd be a bad mom but she loves Nathan so much and he's a wonderful kid and I'm glad that he's in our lives."

Katherine has also realized that she was playing a major role in the tense relations within her family. "I think my life has changed working with Dr. Phil because I've learned to control my emotions," she says.