Inside a Family Divided: Friends of the Family

Friends' Point of View
It's a six-month check-up of the members of a Family Divided.
Jessica and Jenifer are close friends of the family.

"I don't remember seeing much affection when I first met the family," says Jessica. "There was just this physical distance."

Jenifer agrees. "Nobody was really getting along and the girls seemed really detached from the family."

Acknowledging how close Erin was to divorcing Marty, Jessica says, "Without the help from Dr. Phil, I think that the papers would have been served and the girls would be split up " it would be the family divided."

Jenifer says, "I truly believe in my heart that the family would not be a family unit if not for Dr. Phil.

"So you guys have seen a real change in how Marty and Erin interact?" Dr. Phil asks Jessica and Jenifer.

"Absolutely," they reply.

Via phone, Erin says, "I would say that Marty and I are getting closer. It's still scary because I don't think Marty truly realizes just how much he hurt me, but I think that he really wants to understand that and he's working toward it."

"Do you trust him when he's out of your sight?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.

"Not 100 percent yet," she says. "I'm too scared."

"Do you think she's being too hard on him?" Dr. Phil asks the women.

"Yes," they both say firmly, because they don't think Marty would be unfaithful again.