Inspired by a Guest: John and Gary

Still a Drill Sergeant?
John says he is no longer a drill sergeant dad.
On a previous show, John was a "drill sergeant dad" who terrified his children. His 5-year-old stepdaughter, Sierra, was so afraid of him that she hid behind the sofa when he entered the room.

"Before the show, I felt like I was just going through the motions of being a father," John admits. "After the show, I took Dr. Phil's advice, and sat down with Sierra and told her that I was sorry for yelling at her."

His wife, Becky, confirms that John has changed his parenting style. "Dr. Phil helped us realize that being a parent is not just
about putting food on the table, putting a roof over their heads, but also to love, to nurture," she says.

John says that he has been less critical of his children and more loving. "I've consciously made efforts to be more caring, more loving, giving them more praise," he says.

Becky comments, "It's nice to see him evolve into this being I knew was hidden in there somewhere. Thank you Dr. Phil for discharging the drill sergeant and bringing in a real father."

Not only did John the drill sergeant dad change his own life, he also changed the life of another father who was watching the show.

"It was inspiring to see John take Dr. Phil's advice to stop treating his 5-year-old daughter like he was a drill sergeant," says Gary. "Then Dr. Phil told him that when his boys were growing up, he would go into their room at night and he would say 'How do you suppose out of all the little boys in the world, I got the best ones?' And it touched me."


Gary says that right after the show, he used Dr. Phil's words on his own 3 and a half-year-old son Hunter. "I really didn't think that he would understand, but he knew exactly what I was saying. He looked me back in the eyes and he threw his arms around me and said, 'I love you, Dad.' In the letter I wrote to Dr. Phil originally, I said, 'Dr. Phil, when I said it to him, he just melts,' But it was me, I'm the one that melts," he recalls tearfully. "Dr. Phil, thank you for inspiring me to improve my relationship with my son by treating him like the special little boy that he is.