Internet Dramas: Lyn, Richard, James

Living through Her Dogs?

"Since MySpace came into the picture, I feel that my mom isn't really around that much anymore," says 21-year-old Richard. "My mom lives in a fantasy world."

"At first, it was just a little hobby of hers, but then she started figuring out about Doggie MySpace. You basically live through your dog on MySpace," says 20-year-old James. "When my mom goes online, she's Penny. She's the dog, when she's online."

"On Doggie MySpace, you can take the heads off of something, like Penny's face, and put it on something else. I thought, wow, that's kind of interesting," Lyn says.

"That dog got married, like, three or four times," James says.

"I'd like Dr. Phil to talk to her about why she's addicted to it, give us some pointers on how she can stay off of MySpace," Richard says.

James tells Dr. Phil, "I'm not sure if it's normal or not, because I know that most teenagers and stuff, they'll be on MySpace to meet people. I'm just, like, why are you on MySpace living through your dog?"

"Well, let me clear a few things up for you," Dr. Phil says. "You asked, ‘Is it normal?' It is goofy, it is ridiculous, and it is fun if you're doing it a little bit. I mean, it's cute. I mean, putting the dog's head on other people and stuff, that's pretty creative, and it's pretty cute. But if you're spending, like, from 8:00 in the morning to midnight, do you not have anything else to do?"

"Honestly, I don't," Lyn says. "I'm physically disabled."

"Yeah, but they miss you," Dr. Phil tells her, indicating her boys.

"I don't see why though, because seriously, I still do everything for these guys, OK?" She gestures toward James. "This one goes to work, and he gets a lunch from Mommy every day in his little lunch box." 

Dr. Phil laughs, and James smiles and nods. "Yup," he says.

"And sometimes a note," Lyn adds. "They're jealous. I've devoted all of my life to these kids, and now that I have an outside interest … "

"What do you want her to do?" Dr. Phil asks Lyn's sons.

"Stay off MySpace for awhile. Lay low on that," Richard says.

"To do what?" Lyn asks.

"Help us with problems or something," James says.

"Pay attention to us," Richard says. "She's so addicted to MySpace, on Thanksgiving, she actually burned the ham."

"Yeah, I'm getting old! Give me a break here, guys. I've never forgotten your lunch though, have I?" Lyn asks.

"Here's my message," Dr. Phil tells her. "The fact that you have a son who is 20 and a son who is 21 who care enough to want to spend more time with you, I think is a tremendous blessing, and I think you should really think about that and be thankful that you've got two fine young men here who are saying, ‘Hey, Mom, spend a little more time with us.' That's a blessing."