Intervention Follow Up: Audience Questions

Intervention Follow Up: Audience Questions
Brandon returns straight from rehab.
Some audience members pose questions for Brandon and Dr. Phil.

"I want to know what advice Brandon has for kids contemplating drug use or in the early stages of drug use," says one audience member.

Brandon responds, "There's the rumor that marijuana is a gateway drug and I strongly believe it is, because it seems so harmless, but it leads to other things later on. And you don't just try drugs and wake up a drug addict; it's a slow process over three, four or up to 10 years, and you don't even see it coming, but people around you do, so listen to the people around you."

Dr. Phil agrees. "I think that's damn good advice. I always believed the old saying, 'If you play with fire, you're going to get burned.'"

A woman from the audience stands up. "It seems like once you go through rehab, one of the difficult things to do is coming back and having to be around a different crowd and keep your old friends away. To what extent should parents go to try to move from that city or get them out of that surrounding?"

Dr. Phil responds, "I think what you have to do is say, 'What kind of lifestyle I choose is going to determine the result.' So if you've got someone coming out of rehab and you look into their lifestyle, and you see there are haunts that led to drugs, there are friends with whom they shared drugs, there are activities in which drugs make that activity a target-rich environment ... you just simply can't do that. So how far do parents go? You go as far as you need to so that it's consistent with the outcome that you and that person want."