Karli Returns

Karli is now nine months clean and sober! She joins Dr. Phil and Jaime's family onstage.

"Well, you're a little more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than the last time I saw you," Dr. Phil says to Karli with a smile. "How are you feeling?"

"Amazing," Karli says. "My life is so different."

Karli tells Kim that her mother enabled her as well. "If she wouldn't have brought me here and forced me to go to treatment, then I would've died," she says. "My life is so different now. No one ever thought I'd stay sober. I never thought I'd even be alive right now. If [Jaime] really wants this, and she works hard, La Hacienda will help her. It's amazing there."

[AD]Karli's mom, Sue, tells Kim, "I'm really proud of Karli. I never thought she'd get here. And I want to tell you that Brandon was my hope, and now, I hope Karli can be your hope." Sue believes Jaime wants her mother to stand up to her and help her fight her addiction. "She needs you to do that for her," she says.

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Dr. Phil gives an update on Jaime. After her stay in the hospital, she agreed to go to La Hacienda treatment center.

"She made it to treatment. She fought it all the way. She fought it when she got there, but the worm is turning. She seems to be embracing and immersing herself in the program," Dr. Phil tells Kim. "Things are moving in the right direction, possibly for the first time since this child was 12, 13 years old. So in a matter of just four or five days, a huge turn has happened in this young girl's life."

Dr. Phil explains that while Jaime is away, the family needs to do work as well, so they're prepared for when she returns.

[AD]Kim received a phone call from Jaime the previous night. She called to thank her mother for getting her to treatment.

Jaime's boyfriend, Luke, who also uses drugs, has been offered treatment at Origins Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers. He claims he will go when he gets his passport.