'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?' Aftermath

'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?' Aftermath
Dr. Phil has advice for learning to bond with a child you don't like.

A few days after the family returned home, they were investigated by Child Protective Services. "I asked, 'Are you going to take my children out of the home?' And the social worker asked me, 'Should I?' I said, 'No, because we had Mikai removed from the home and he is getting the help that he needs,'" Kenda explains. Family and friends have shown mixed feelings. "I've had people tell us that they're proud of me. And we've had people call and be concerned that Mikai may have violated their children, and they have

disassociated themselves from us."


Brad and Kenda's three younger boys share their thoughts. "I don't want anyone to get hurt again," says one son who hopes Mikai never comes back.


"I'm feeling a lot better that Mikai has gone. I don't like to think about the things that Mikai's done," another brother says.


Mikai's youngest brother says, "I don't even like to think about Mikai. Hearing his name makes me want to run into my room and rip everything off of the walls."


"I worry about my boys. I don't know if they're really dealing with their feelings," says Brad. But he acknowledges that the family is improving. "Our family's moving in a more forward direction than we were before. I feel that Mikai is right where he needs to be."


"There is a different spirit in our home. It's very calm," Kenda agrees.

Dr. Phil explains that the show reported the family to Child Protective Services. "That's a requirement," he tells Brad and Kenda, who were kept abreast of the situation.


"We didn't have a problem with it," Brad says.


"We've talked to the state. We've talked to Child Protective Services. We've talked to law enforcement," Dr. Phil continues. "Everybody seems to be of one mind, that what's happening with Mikai is the best possible thing that could happen with him, as opposed to him being charged with something or sitting in jail. So they seem to be supportive of that."


Dr. Phil introduces Dr. Frank Lawlis, chairman of the Dr. Phil advisory board, who arranged the treatment for Mikai, and will remain a liaison between the family, Mikai's treatment center and the therapist that Brad and Kenda will see. He shares his findings. "Mikai was very positive in terms of making another step," Dr. Lawlis says. "He has some sense of satisfaction that he is stepping up to the challenge, and is apparently gaining a lot from this treatment."

A few days after Mikai was at the treatment center, he called home. "His father was livid. He made me cut the conversation

short," Kenda explains. "Brad was irritated and said I was coddling him, and that we needed to leave him in California and not to have any interaction with Mikai while he was there."


"They were having this discussion like nothing had happened. It made me sick to my stomach actually. Mikai was saying how everybody there had an addiction and he didn't know why he was there," Brad says in disbelief. "I get angry that Mikai is in treatment and we're left here picking up the pieces of the mess he created."


"We are arguing about [Mikai] constantly," Kenda says. "Brad can't get past the fact that Mikai violated our daughter. He sees the

perpetrator; I see the victim."


Brad is frustrated that Kenda is so protective of Mikai. "She won't let the other boys say that they hate him or they're angry with him," Brad explains. "Kenda's telling the boys that they need to forgive Mikai. I can't even get to that point, so I don't expect them to."


Kenda defends her actions. "[Mikai] needs to know he has an ally. That he has somebody who's on his side who loves and cares for him," she says. "Brad says he wants his son back but doesn't show it. Brad refers to Mikai as a 'monster' and I say, 'He's not a monster; he's my son.'"