'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?' Aftermath

'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?' Aftermath
Dr. Phil has advice for learning to bond with a child you don't like.As Brad, Kenda and their three younger boys leave the stage, Brad unleashes his frustration.

"My husband ripped his tie off, his jacket, his glasses, in a rage of hurt," says Kenda. "All I could think of is to hold him tight and we just sobbed. Our worst nightmare had come true."

Brad shares his thoughts. "What does a father do when he hears, 'Your daughter has been touched sexually by your own son.' It's like right then, immediately, my heart was torn right in half."

"Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mikai. He was a lost soul. We pulled our three boys close to us. In a family circle we all just held each other tight," Kenda continues.

Mikai's youngest brother says, "I felt pretty angry about the stuff that Mikai did."

Dr. Phil meets with the family backstage and shares his thoughts. "You have to take care of yourselves right now, and I've got to take care of Mikai," he tells the family. He assures them that

Mikai will receive serious help, probably inpatient treatment.


"That's why we came," Brad says.

"He can't come home," Kenda agrees.

"We can take him out of that horrible existence and start to build him back and build his character, and get his impulses under control and heal whatever is wrong in his history and his background. I'm not going to throw this human being away," Dr. Phil continues. "You guys need some help as well. Just having the courage to come here and work on this and do this. I know what y'all have been through." He points out the positives: they have stopped the molestation legacy in their lives, and this show will have a huge impact on the viewers. "There will be people that see this and say, 'We cannot be in denial anymore,'" Dr. Phil explains. "They'll say, 'No, we can't do this anymore.' You have created meaning to your suffering."

Dr. Phil looks to Kenda: "You know now [your daughter is] safe, others are safe. That phone's not going to ring with that call you didn't want to get."

Dr. Phil asks Brad and Kenda if they are at peace with what has happened.

"It's going to be a rough road, but I think it's a journey that we
needed to take," Kenda says.

Brad agrees. "Nobody else could give us what we were looking for. Nobody else had a solution," he says. "All the naysayers said, 'Are you sure you want to do this?' Nobody had an alternative. Not one person."

"And nobody, nobody heard our cries for help," Kenda adds. She asks Dr. Phil if she can see Mikai, and he tells her she can.

Brad interrupts: "Can't you wait and let him be on with his life?"

"Honey, I'm the mom. He's still my son," Kenda tells Brad, and she goes to visit with Mikai.

As Kenda walks in the room, she hugs Mikai. "Are you OK?" she asks and he nods yes. "Are you glad it's out?" Mikai again

nods yes.
"Do you know we love you?"


"No," Mikai replies. "I know you do."


"Your Dad has a lot of hurt. So do your brothers. And it will take some time for them to find that forgiveness," Kenda explains. "But you destroyed that trust. You know we can't have you in our home."


"I know," Mikai nods.


"And it's not because we don't love you. It's because we have to protect [your younger sister]," Kenda makes clear.


"I know," Mikai repeats.


Kenda attempts to hold Mikai close and he pulls away saying, "Don't Mom. I don't want to be held."


"I'm still your mom," Kenda pushes.


"I know that, but I don't want you touching me right now."


After Mikai tells Kenda he wants her to leave, they hug. "I love you," Kenda tells Mikai.


"Love you too," he responds.

Dr. Phil asks Kenda and Brad how they are doing now.
"It's been hard," Kenda replies. "I just want to take that little boy in my arms and hold him and protect him, and I can't. I just wanted to take away all of his pain. I wanted to be able to go to the treatment center for him. I wanted to be able to walk this road that he has to go down for him, but I knew that he has to do it."


"You know that that's something that he not only needs to do, but will flourish from doing," Dr. Phil points out. "He's not a little boy, he's a man. He's an adult, and he has to stand up and claim which way he wants to go and make those choices. And that's something that he can't do on his own, but he can do with help."


"I've always been the mom to go fix it," Kenda admits. "I've always fought his battles for him and I want so badly to fix this, and I can't. And that is really frustrating for me."


"Do you believe in him?" Dr. Phil asks.


After a pause Kenda says, "I have faith in him."


Brad says that he believes that Mikai will be able to overcome this. "That's what helps me keep going," he explains. "I do want my son back, I just don't want the one that we left here."