Is My Spouse Normal: Kesha and Mark

Hygienically Challenged
Dr. Phil weighs in with guests who want to know if their spouse's strange behavior is normal.
"Mark's an amazing husband, but there's just one thing: He's gross!" says Kesha. "He has awful hygiene. I can smell Mark before I see him; it's that bad. He doesn't shower very often, and he rarely brushes his teeth." When her husband is affectionate, Kesha pushes him away. "It's really hard because he has body odor, so I tell him 'not now' or 'shower first.' I can always tell when Mark wants to be intimate because he'll come to bed with fresh breath and that's very rare."

Kesha also thinks her husband could be the biggest slob in America. She has to constantly pick up after him, including when he leaves the kids' dirty diapers on the floor, exactly where he changed it. "I feel like we're living in an outhouse," she says. "Mark thinks I should be more like his grandmother. He lived with her as a teenager and she picked up after him all day."

"I think Kesha should pick up after me and not complain about it because I do work long hours," says Mark. "She does want to be a stay-at-home mother so that should be part of her job." Mark admits that the "occasionally" forgets to brush his teeth, but says, "She's my wife. She's supposed to love me unconditionally whether I stink or not."

Kesha turns to Dr. Phil: "Can you help me to get my husband to clean up after himself?" She picks up a toothbrush. "And to use one of these every once in a while?"
Kesha and Mark disagree on how often he showers and brushes his teeth. Mark admits he may skip a day before showering or brushing his teeth, but thinks it's no big deal.

Dr. Phil reiterates the theme for the day: "If there is insensitivity to what your mate wants, things are going to go bad." He tells Mark: "You're on the Dr. Phil show! Things have gone real bad!"

"I should help out occasionally," Mark admits. "Maybe not all the time. Because I feel like sometimes I shouldn't have to because I work, and I do take care of the family and I work long hours."

"He's only started helping since I told him we were coming here," says Kesha.

"Let me share perhaps an enlightening piece of information to you," Dr. Phil tells Mark. "The studies show that a stay-at-home mom taking care of children works the equivalent of two full-time jobs." The audience cheers. "You say you shouldn't have to do it because you work? She's working twice as much as you're working! And if you don't believe it, we'll arrange a switch," threatens Dr. Phil.

"I don't think I could do it at home honestly," says Mark.

"I don't think you could either!" says Dr. Phil.
"How about you just decide, 'Good wake-up call. I better get in the game here because that was then, this is now.' And unless you want to crawl in bed with your grandma, you better get focused on this relationship," says Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil has a surprise for Mark. "The folks at Crest sent over a lifetime supply of toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss. There's even an electric toothbrush in there, so you can have fun while you're doing this."

Mark laughs and accepts the basket of Crest products.