Is This Normal? 6-Year-Old in Diapers

Diapers for a 6-Year-Old?
The personality games they play are hurting their relationship.
"My 6-year-old daughter has never shown any interest in being potty trained," says Caron. "During the entire school day, which is six hours long, she won't use bathroom." Caron goes on to explain that she has created a routine with her daughter that allows her to go to the bathroom at home after school and then use a diaper at night.

She also says that medical reasons have been ruled out as a reason for her daughter's inability to be potty trained.
"I know how to potty train a child," says Dr. Phil. "This is not about potty training. At this age, children can do two things: they can control what they eat and they can control what they put out. That's the power they have. And she's exercising that ability. The fact is, you have been outthought, outmaneuvered, and out-negotiated by a 6-year-old kid."
"People will perform less desirable behaviors in order to have access to more desirable behaviors," says Dr. Phil. "For example, children will do homework in order to have a friend sleep over, etc. What are you doing that violates that principle?"

"Probably giving her a pull-up diaper during the night because I value my sleep," answers Caron. "If I wanted to force her to do it I could tell her she was on her own."
"You are empowering her," says Dr. Phil. "You have to stop going to the store and buying diapers that allow her to do what she's doing."

"Going cold turkey is not going to traumatize her?" asks Caron.

"We're talking about peeing!!" exclaims Dr. Phil. "Do you think she'll come on the show in ten years and when I ask her what's wrong, she'll say, 'My mom made me pee!'?"
"You need to say, 'New deal: you need to use the toilet. And if you don't, you'll have a big mess on your hands. You'll be walking around in wet pants and sleep on wet sheets,'" says Dr. Phil. "People understand these things. They seek pleasure and avoid pain. When this becomes uncomfortable for her she'll move on to the next level and you can reward her for her progress. No, it's not normal. You enabling her is not normal. You just need to raise the bar and she will clear it."