Is This Normal: Baby Talk

Is This Normal: Baby Talk
Dr. Phil talks with guests about whether their behavior is normal.
Julie uses baby talk to get her way with her husband Kyle. She says that nine and a half times out of 10, it works.

She demonstrates: "Pwease Kyle, pwease .... I weally, weally want to go out to dinner. Pwease, can we go? With sprinkles?" Talking this way has gotten Julie a kitten ... and she admits that she even baby talked Kyle into proposing to her!

Kyle finds her baby talk frustrating and annoying, and he wishes his wife would be more mature. "This is not normal," he says.

Julie says she can't stop talking like a baby and wants to know if Dr. Phil thinks it's normal.

Dr. Phil's first comment is, "I'm so glad that tape is over," implying that listening to Julie's baby talk is like listening to fingernails on a blackboard. "You said it works nine and a half times out of 10? You are looking at the other half," he says, implying that it won't work with him. Dr. Phil asks Kyle how he puts up with it.

"It's really hard, actually. She just keeps going on and on until I give in," he says.

Dr. Phil asks Julie if she has so little confidence in herself as a woman that she has to revert to this infantile trick in order to get her way rather than just being who she is.

"I think I do," she says, "because I've done this with every male in my life. It works and I can't help it."

When Julie starts to baby talk, Dr. Phil walks off stage to get away from it. He asks Kyle, "Don't you wish you could do this sometimes?"

Dr. Phil tells Julie that she sells herself too short and then turns his attention to Kyle. "You need to quit giving in to this. I mean, you are paying her off," he says. "Every time she does this, you need to do exactly opposite of whatever it is she's baby talking about."

Dr. Phil explains that Julie does this because at some point early in her life, she learned that this works, and she never took the next step of communication.

Julie says she doesn't think it will stop with Kyle because he will give in to her again. Dr. Phil explains to Kyle what will happen when he stops giving in to Julie: "When you stop paying her off for it, it will spike. You only think you've seen a performance so far. You need to stand your ground. Because if you don't, boy you've got a long road ahead of you," he says.