Is This Normal? Husband Won't Grow Up

"My husband won't grow up!"
A wife asks Dr. Phil if it's normal for her husband to spend all of their money at Toys R Us instead of saving for their future.
"Help!"pleads Kimberlee. "We're newlyweds but my husband acts like a child anda bachelor. While I'm saving for the future, he goes to Toys "R" Us and buys way too many toys. I thought his behavior would change after the wedding but it hasn't. Is it normal for my husband to refuse to grow up?"
"How long have you been married?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Four months," answers Kimberlee. "But we knew each other for six years."

"So he's been doing this for just four months?" asks Dr. Phil.

"No," admits Kimberlee. "But ... it's gotten progressively worse."
After more questioning, Dr. Phil finds out that Keith has been collecting since he was in college.

"You knew this before you got married," Dr. Phil tells Kimberlee. "What did you think? You'd fill out the papers at the courthouse and he'd quit buying toys?"

"Yes, kind of," says Kimberlee.
Kimberly admits that she thought Keith would change after marriage and start saving for their future.

"Kimberlee thinks [buying toys] is costing you the savings you need to build a nest," Dr. Phil tells Keith. "Every time you spend money on toys, know that you are making a conscious decision to put your needs above hers. Does that mean you should never buy another toy? Of course not! It's about balance. Negotiate a plan you can both be happy about."