Is This Normal: Jill and Linda

"Sasha is a Jack Russell Terrier, and she's not a typical dog," Linda says of her pet. "I see her as a little person in dog skin. She's more like a human. She likes to wear outfits once in awhile, but most of the time, she goes naked because she likes to be free and express herself." Linda shows off Sasha's princess costume for Halloween. "I'll ask her how was her day, and she'll answer me. I know it sounds crazy. Jill is my future daughter-in-law. Jill thinks I'm nuts."

"I don't think Linda and Sasha's relationship is normal," Jill says. "It's bizarre to me. The thing that grosses me out the most is when Linda will share her food with Sasha. I'm thinking, do you realize where Sasha's mouth has been?"

Linda shows off another doggie dress. "This is what I thought Sasha could show up in for Jill's wedding. She has this little silk-lined cape that goes around with this little fur collar."

"Sasha won't be attending the wedding," Jill says. "I'm not sure why Linda bought her a dress to wear to the wedding."

"I would love for Sasha to be a flower girl. Just for her to be able to be there in her cute little dress," Linda says.

"I'm hoping to have a bridal shower with my friends and family. If Sasha wants to be there, that's OK, but she's not going to be hosting my shower," Jill says. "I hope that Dr. Phil will tell Linda that her behavior is not normal."

"So, you say you're not leaving here until you convince me that your dog is a human?" Dr. Phil asks Linda.

"That's correct," she says.

"That's not correct. You are leaving here before you convince me your dog is human. Your dog is a dog," he says.

"No, she's not really a dog. She really isn't," Linda argues. "She has a personality more like a child than a dog, definitely. She speaks to me, and I totally understand her, really. She tells me things, like, you know, when she's upset, like if people are treating her like a dog, she lets me know that she doesn't really appreciate being treated like a dog."

"She interprets the barks," Jill explains.

Dr. Phil asks her to translate as he plays a video clip of Sasha running to the door and barking.


Linda says, "She's really annoyed that the doorbell rings. She doesn't like that. It disturbs her. She prefers when people just knock quietly."

"That's a dog barking at the door!" Dr. Phil exclaims.

"Thank you!" Jill says.

"I understand that she's a really special dog, and I should probably recuse myself because I truly believe I have the smartest dog in the history of the world," Dr. Phil tells Linda, "but she is, however, a dog." He shows a photo of his dog, Maggie. "And I could tell you stories about Robin with this dog, but I won't," he says.

Robin says, "I do love the dog, and I don't understand why Jay and Jordan won't call her their sister."

"See?" Linda says.

"You feed this dog off of your fork?" Dr. Phil asks Linda.

"I do, just like I would one of my children," Linda says.

"Your children don't lick their butt," Dr. Phil points out.

"Sasha does not lick her butt either," she replies. "Look at that face. How can you not want to just hug and kiss her face?" 

"Oh, it's a very cute dog, but it does lick its butt. So I don't want it licking my fork," Dr. Phil replies.

"I've never seen her licking her butt. She doesn't do stuff like that," she argues.

Jill says she's seen it. "And then 10 minutes later, she's sharing a popsicle with her," she says.

"Here's the deal," Dr. Phil says. "She's not a person, and you're not a dog. And you want this dog to host her wedding shower?"

"Yes, and it would really be no problem and no skin off Jill's nose to let everyone come with the invitations from Sasha. I don't see what the big deal is. Sasha is a family member, and this is what she wants to do. This is how she can contribute," Linda says.

"Because they will get the invitation and go, ‘Oh. She's crazy,'" Dr. Phil says.

"No," Linda says. "Everyone who knows me knows that I'm crazy about my dog, and this would be totally expected, that I would help Sasha host a " "

"Here's the problem: it's not about you; it's about her," Dr. Phil says, interrupting. "It's her bridal shower. It's about her. She doesn't want her bridal shower hosted by a dog. What, do they bring milk bones?"

"She's not really a dog, so the party would have nothing to do with a dog, other than " "

"It's not about you," Dr. Phil repeats. "If you want to believe that the dog is a human being in dog's clothing, then that's OK, because it doesn't really hurt anything, right? Other than you're occasionally eating dog feces because you're eating off of a fork where a dog has licked after it's cleaned itself. That's not good bacteria-wise, but you seem to be fending that off alright. Maybe you've built up immunity to it."

"My dog does not sit around licking her butt! She really doesn't act like a dog," Linda maintains.

"OK, but do you get the fact that this shower is about her; it's not about you?" Dr. Phil asks Linda.

"I do get that," she says.

"And therefore, you should subordinate your interests to her."

"Well, of course I'm going to give her whatever she wants," Linda says. "If she wants the dog shower without the dog …"

"No, it's not a dog shower," Dr. Phil corrects.

"That was a slip of the tongue!" Linda says, laughing.

"Boy, you can't take back stupid, can you?" Dr. Phil jokes.

"I love Jill, and I'll do whatever she wants," Linda acquiesces.