Is This Normal? My Wife is a Groupie!

"My wife is a groupie."
A husband asks Dr. Phil if it's normal for his wife to say she'd leave him if Tim McGraw showed up on their doorstep.
Sheri says that she's a happily married woman, except for the fact that she's in love with Tim McGraw. Her obsession has already caused her to spend more than $7,000 on concert tickets and airfare. "I have lost some passion for my husband," admits Sheri. "I feel that if he looked likeTim McGraw, I could get some of my passion back ... If Tim McGraw showed up on my doorstep and said, 'Come with me,' I would."
Sheri's daughter Stacy says, "I think my mother is out of control. She cries when she sees Tim on television because she knows she can't have him, because he's married to Faith Hill. She says she's in love with Tim McGraw but she's never met him. How can you be in love with someone you've never even met?"
"I don't understand why she is so obsessed with him," says Sheri's husband, Steve. "I'm right here, I'm her husband and I love her. When she comes home from a concert, I don't want to be with her because she's thinking about him. Our vacations are centered around wherever Tim McGraw is playing. I don't know what I've done to deserve this. What's wrong with me? Dr. Phil, is this normal? How do I get my wife over this obsession?"
"We need to talk," Dr. Phil tells Steve as he motions for him to come up to the stage. "This is not OK. What are you thinking?"

"If she wants to spend a little money chasing him, that's OK," says Steve.

"OK, sit back down," says a shocked Dr. Phil.
"He is going to let you get away with this," Dr. Phil says to Sheri. "But I am not! He's being too nice. You're chasing this man all around the country. Are you a stalker?"

"No," says Sheri. "I just love him."

"You can be a fan. But you don't say, 'I would leave my husband and daughter and pets to be with Tim McGraw.'"
"Isn't there a part of you that knows this is irrational?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Sometimes," admits Sheri. "I feel that maybe he was mine in a past life."

"Let's just assume for the argument of insanity you did have a relationship with him in a past life," says Dr. Phil. "It's over! It's over and by the way, have you met your husband Steve?"
"If you say you'd leave your husband, daughter and pets for a man you've never even met, you need to grow up," says Dr. Phil. "Listen to his music and watch his videos. Do what you need to do to give yourself your Tim McGraw methadone. But you need to stop chasing this guy around the country and you need to apologize to your husband for insulting him by saying you'd leave him for someone you don't even know. Get a life, woman!"