Risky, Dangerous and Life-Threatening

"Our financial situation right now is pretty scary to me. I think we are anywhere between $85,000 to $100,000 in debt," says Devlyn. She and her husband, Ryan, who are parents to a 7-month-old, owe this money for student loans and credit cards. But Devlyn feels she's found an answer to part of their problem. "I found out I can make $30,000 dollars being a surrogate mother, and I just thought that would be a solution to our financial debt."


"Devlyn wasn't the happiest pregnant person. She was sick 24/7 for four months straight," says Ryan. "Devlyn has a blood clotting disorder that would also make her a high-risk pregnancy."


"There are some risks involved with being a surrogate mother, but I think it would weigh out the bad, and it would get us out of our debt," Devlyn maintains. 

"Devlyn just wants to find a quick way to get out of debt. I absolutely don't think Devlyn's idea of becoming a surrogate mother to pay off debt is a normal idea," Ryan says. 


[AD]When the tape ends, Devlyn says, "I just want a solution to our money problem." 

"This isn't it," Dr. Phil tells her. "You don't sell your health."


"I feel the health risk involved with this, especially on her part, could be heart attack, stroke, and other blood clotting issues," Ryan says. "As far as the child goes, miscarriage, still births, birth defects, and it's just not a necessary risk." 

Dr. Phil's advice to Devlyn brings tears to her eyes.



Dr. Phil adds that even if Devlyn could earn enough money to pay off their debt, she shouldn't put her health at risk.


"Every year, I'm making more, and more and more money, and eventually I'll be in the $200,000 range, and we'll have great future," Ryan says.  


"You just need to be patient here," Dr. Phil says to Devlyn. "How much risk are you willing to put [your son] in? What's he worth to you? What's your child worth to you?"

[AD]"He's worth everything to me," she says. 


"Then this isn't even a close call," Dr. Phil says. "Don't do this."


"I wouldn't do it if it would jeopardize our relationship," Devlyn says.

"We'll be fine. It's going to be rough for a few more years," Ryan assures his wife. 

"You're not going to let her cave?" Dr. Phil asks Ryan. 

"Absolutely not," he says.