Is This Normal: Tara

Is This Normal: Tara

Tara writes:

Dear Dr. Phil,

I've been with my boyfriend, Stuart, for two years, and we never fight. I mean, never. We're the couple that everyone hates because we're so lovey-dovey in public. In the two years we've been together, we've only had one disagreement. Now I'm beginning to get worried because you always say it's healthy for couples to fight. So I need to know, Dr. Phil, is it normal not to fight?


Dr. Phil answers her question. "You've heard me say that fighting is OK," he says, looking to Robin. "We don't fight, but we're very expressive. She certainly is," he jokes. "We really deal with things as they come up. It's very normal to have disagreements, and you problem solve those things, and then you move on. But if you and your partner don't fight, that's not a bad sign as long as you're not storing all of this up. Maybe you guys are just problem solvers, so don't worry about it."