Is This Normal: Too Affectionate

Is This Normal: Too Affectionate
Dr. Phil talks with guests about whether their behavior is normal.
Rachel thinks her mom and stepdad are too affectionate. "They are always kissing and hugging everywhere," she says. When she and her brother are with their parents in a store, they always end up finding them hiding in an aisle, kissing.

Her mother, Gabriella, says, "I don't think we're too kissy. We're just in love."

Rachel's stepfather, Allen, says, "I have a great time with the kids, but when I want to kiss my wife, I can do it wherever and whenever I want to."

Recalling one occasion in a restaurant when her mom shared a strawberry with her stepfather by transferring it through a kiss, Rachel says, "Ewwwww. Dr. Phil, I think my parents have forgotten who the teenager is here. Is it normal for them to act this way?"

Dr. Phil says to Gabriella and Allen, who are sitting in the audience, "I'll give you this. I think it's really healthy and important for parents to show a full range of emotions to their children. It's good for them to see affection and expressions of affection."

Dr. Phil asks Rachel, "Aren't you glad they love each other?" She says she is. "But you don't want them hanging a lip on each other," he says. She agrees. "OK, no tonsil hockey in the front row," he warns them.

Knowing that it bothers Rachel, Dr. Phil asks, "Shouldn't it be on y'alls radar screen?"

"If I feel like I want to kiss her," explains Allen, "I should be able to kiss her. I'm just really in love with my wife," he says.

"We don't want you not to be," says Dr. Phil. "I think it's great that you're modeling affection and mutual support for your daughter. But if there's a point at which it becomes uncomfortable for someone you love and care about and want to be at ease around you, then don't you make a trade-off for her? Why did it not bother you that it bothered her?" he asks.

Gabriella explains: "We didn't think it was an issue until we found out about your show."

"She's just saying that you're embarrassing her," says Dr. Phil. "And is some of that kidding? It really is, I'm sure. But many a truth is spoken in jest. Maybe you want to rein it back or something, just around her?"