"It's My Baby Too!": Dylane's Fear"

A Father's Fear

"Dylane liked me until Esther got pregnant, then everything changed," Bryce remembers. "I don't know why I was dealing with Dylane instead of Esther. You'd almost think that Dylane was pregnant."

"When Esther found out she was pregnant, I asked, ‘What are you going to do?' ‘I'm going to go marry him.' I said, ‘No, you're not,'" Dylane recalls. "I'm not controlling her. I'm saying, ‘You need protection? I'll protect you.'"

"He wouldn't have to protect his daughter from me. He wanted total control of everything. He wanted the baby gone," Bryce says.

"I considered it rape. Esther told me he held her down and wouldn't let her leave," Dylane says.

"Never did I force her to have sex with me," Bryce says.

"Bryce made a phone call to the house. There was a threatening tone to his voice," Dylane says.

"I never made a threatening phone call," Bryce says. "I met with Dylane. He asked me about adoption. I told him, ‘Absolutely not.'"

"It was ‘I want the baby, period.' And I said, ‘Then fine, we'll have an abortion. We're ending this. I'm done,'" Dylane says. "I worry for my family because he's very unstable. I feel he's capable of killing anybody. At the last trial, after he lost, he turned around and said, ‘Anybody here who is involved in adopting my kid, I'm going to kill them.'"

"I never threatened to kill Dylane's family," Bryce says.

"I feel threatened by him. I feel he wants to kill Esther so we know what it's like for us to feel the loss of a child," Dylane says.

"I haven't had any communication with them whatsoever. They have shut me out," Bryce tells Dr. Phil.

"Did he say that to you?" Dr. Phil asks Dylane.

"To me, personally, no, but " " he says.

"You know what I'm trying to do?" Dr. Phil asks. "I'm trying to narrow the differences here and take some things off of the table, and if you think that he raped your daughter, then OK, but you have evidence to the contrary," he says, referring to Esther. "I'm just curious what you think about that."

"I didn't say it was rape all the time," Dylane says. "There were several times it was consensual, but according to her, it was more of a ‘Do it with me or …' She felt threatened is the way she presents it to me."

"You also think his mother, Chris, would be an unfit influence on this child?" Dr. Phil asks.

"That's right, because she's very domineering, and as far as I know " "

"Would you be in unfit mother?" Dr. Phil asks Chris.

"Well, I've raised three boys and helped with a grandson, and I've never been turned in for being unfit, and I think I could bring a lot of people to tell you you're very wrong," Chris says to Dylane.

"Vada, didn't you say that he called over, and over and over and that you refused to answer the calls?" Dr. Phil asks Esther's mother.

"No, it was just a few times, but when he called, we had dial-up Internet, and it was plugged in most of the time, and if he called, it never went through," Vada says.

"I called so many times, I figured this out: If I call, and you're on the Internet, it rings, and rings and rings, and I don't get the answering machine," Bryce says. "If you're off the Internet, I'll get the answering machine, so I know you're avoiding my call. I left many messages."

"We subpoenaed the court records, Vada," Chris says. "They had them all highlighted. You saw them. So did I."

"Vada, were you truthful in court about the two-hour conversation you had with Chris?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes, we had a two-hour conversation " " she starts.

Chris interrupts her. "No, in court you said, ‘I don't remember,' and most people who meet me remember me," she says.