Predators Among Us



Dr. Phil shares how he and Robin prepared their sons, Jay and Jordan, to deal with dangerous people.

Do you know who is living in your neighborhood? Dr. Phil pulls up the Web site and enters Garrido's address. The results show hundreds of red and yellow dots, signifying the residences of registered sex offenders.

"A cop went to Garridos's house on a call, and when asked, he didn't even know that the guy was a sex offender," Dr. Phil says.

[AD]When you click on Garrido's address, his mug shot appears along with a list of his convictions, including his rape of Katie. 

After searching the address of his staff member Emily, Dr. Phil displays the results. "This is her neighborhood right near USC," he says, pointing to a map covered with red dots. He asks Emily, "Did you have any idea this was the state of affairs?"

"No, I had no clue," she says. "That's shocking. It's scary." She adds that she lives in walking distance to four or five preschools and elementary schools.

"You can know who's living next door," Dr. Phil says.