Jealous of My Extreme Makeover: Cherie, Randolph

Overly Sexy Wife?
Dr. Phil talks a man who can't handle how sexy his wife dresses after her surgery.

After nine cosmetic surgery procedures, Cherie loves her new look. But her husband, Randolph, thinks she dresses like a slut. "Before the makeover, she dressed really normal," he says. "Now she dresses like she's a teenager ... I even saw her wrapping Christmas presents in a bikini."

Cherie thinks that her husband is being hypocritical. "Randolph complains about a lot of these outfits that I wear, but actually he's helped pick them," she explains. She is also concerned that Randolph no longer trusts her, and says she recently found him going through her cell phone bill.

Randolph points out that their 9-year-old son gets upset when men stare at his mother, and that their 7-year-old daughter is now trying to dress like Cherie. He admits that he is not prepared for the new Cherie. "The makeover did not happen like I wanted it to," he says, turning to Dr. Phil for help. "How do I get back the wife that I married?"
"What's the most offensive thing to you?" Dr. Phil asks Randolph. "What threatens you the most?"

"It's all in the way she dresses," Randolph says. He explains that when Cherie recently wore a miniskirt and a g-string bikini to the mall, a 12-year-old boy couldn't stop staring at her outfit. "She was stalked in another department store because she had this short top on. Everything was hanging out the sides. It scares me that she dresses like that," he says.

Dr. Phil points out that it's not unusual for spouses to be very threatened when their mates undergo cosmetic surgery. "They feel like they're the same that they always were and their husband or wife is all of sudden all new and shiny," he tells Randolph.
To Cherie, Dr. Phil says, "I have to tell you, just from the things you said ... you're just out strutting your stuff and you really like that."

Cherie agrees that she likes getting attention from men. "They can look as long as they don't touch. That's my motto," she says.

Dr. Phil reads a list of Randolph's complaints with Cherie since her makeover: "He says that you dress sexier than before. You often leave the house without a bra on. You love the attention from men."

Cherie protests that she never dressed that sexy until Randolph talked her into it. "He kept saying, 'You have to wear this skirt; you have to wear this.' He convinced me to start wearing clothes like that," she says.
Pointing out that not only her husband but also her 9-year-old son is bothered by all of the attention that Cherie is receiving, Dr. Phil says, "You've got to ask yourself, are you being a good steward of this? ... The most outrageous thing that you said was, 'I can't control whether men are paying attention to me or not.'"

Cherie defends herself. "After I had my makeover surgery, I wasn't paying attention. I didn't know these guys were really looking at me."

Dr. Phil doesn't buy her innocence. "You are wearing very revealing clothes," he says. "It's OK to have fun and be excited about all that. I'm just saying at the same time, you need to be really sensitive to how it may be affecting other people in your life."