Jealous of My Extreme Makeover: Monika

A Challenger's Challenge
Dr. Phil follows up with Monika after her extreme makeover

Monika, one of the Weight Loss Challengers, lost more than 50 pounds by mastering Dr. Phil's seven keys to weight loss. She wanted to look as beautiful on the outside as she did inside, so she went on Extreme Makeover.

"My life has changed so much since being on [the Dr. Phil] show," says Monika. "I'm happier than I've ever been in my life."

Her husband, Sam, admits that when he first saw Monika's reveal on Dr. Phil, he almost didn't recognize her. His reaction surprised Monika. "He said ... 'It's just not you.' And that was so difficult for me to hear," she says. "There's a 25-year age difference with Sam and me, and having a makeover just compounds that difference a lot more now."

Instead of being frustrated, Sam has started taking better care of himself. "He's working out with me, so it's great," says Monika. "Thanks for all your help, Dr. Phil. You even motivated my husband to get off his butt and go to the gym."