Jealous of My Extreme Makeover: Rachel

Still an Ugly Duckling?
Dr. Phil talks to Rachel, the winner of "The Swan."

One of the most controversial makeover shows on television is Fox's The Swan. Rachel recently won the title of reigning Swan, leaving behind 17 years of what she says was feeling like an ugly duckling.

"Growing up, I never felt secure with myself," she remembers. "The kids picked on me unmercifully, and would call me names like Jenny Craig dropout, fatso, ugly, awkward, nerd."

Rachel says that a traumatic event prompted her to get plastic surgery. "Someone very close to me committed suicide, and it made me feel like you need to step it up because life's short," she explains.

Rachel wants to make sure she doesn't start feeling inferior again, and asks Dr. Phil for help. "I love being "The Swan," and I never want to go back to being the ugly duckling again," she says. "If there's any way you could help me not revert back to the ways before The Swan, I would love to hear them."
Dr. Phil shows a before picture of Rachel side by side with a "morphed" glamour shot of Rachel.

"That's not me," Rachel says of the enhanced photo.

"Actually that is you," Dr. Phil confirms. "The reason you say it's not is because that's not the glam picture that was taken on The Swan." He explains that the after photo was the result of computer morphing, and it displays Rachel without surgery, with less weight and more makeup.

"You were a very attractive person to begin with," he points out. "There's a lot of that that's truly you and is completely within your power and control."

Rachel agrees. "The thing with me about the show was I was getting the opportunity of a lifetime to change everything and to basically put my life into focus. I got four months of time, which most people don't ever get, to focus on nothing else but myself and to really dig deep and figure out what it is I want out of life, who am I really, and what do I have to give."

Dr. Phil agrees with her observations and says that balance is important. "You have to be right on the inside as well as the outside," he tells her.