Jealousy and Envy: Final Thoughts
Dr. Phil speaks with guests about two destructive emotions and how they can control them.
Dr. Phil sits down on the edge of the stage and asks Erin, "Have I said anything that has made sense to you since I sat down?"

"Yes, lots," says Erin. "I think I never realized it was such a selfish thing, that I was being so self absorbed, because yesterday I thought it was all against me, and I don't feel that way anymore."

"You know the thing I want you to get is that it truly is all about you. And that's good news. Because that means you control everybody necessary to fix the problem," says Dr. Phil.

"Yeah. It's the hard part too," says Erin.

"It is the hard part," agrees Dr. Phil. "But you can do that. Do me a favor. You're going to write the letter about what you did. I want you to try to write the entire letter without using the word 'but.' 'But' is a powerful word, it means forget everything I just said, I'm now going to tell you what I really mean."

Dr. Phil turns to Jessica. "Did I say anything that made sense to you?"

"Yes," says Jessica. "I don't want him to ever have to chose between his kids and myself and our baby."

"The whole idea is you're into this power and control and jerking him and watching him hop. And the truth is, you have his love, you have the personality, you have the magnetism. You have more power that way than in the old way. There's the old saying, 'You can catch more flies with honey.' I guarantee you, you can make him want to come home, but you can't for very long make him come home. Trust yourself to have that attractiveness and magnetism because I think you have a good guy there."