Jena 6 II: Carol Powell Lexing

Jena 6 II: Carol Powell Lexing

"There have been allegations made that some of the donations that have been made to the defense funds have not gone, in fact, to defend the defendants, but instead have been used by the families to buy cars, furniture, upgrade housing, clothes, trips " things of that nature. Is that true or false?" Dr. Phil asks Carol.


"I can speak on behalf of the Bell family," she replies. "Melissa Bell works every day. Marcus Jones works every day. Whatever monies that they probably have received have gone toward the legal defense of Mychal Bell."


"When you were referring to Mychal Bell's previous and prior charges, you said, ‘A kid will be a kid.' What's the difference between that and the nooses?" asks Nacie, Justin Barker's aunt.

"I'm not going to elaborate on anything concerning that," Carol replies.

Dr. Phil turns to Nacie. "You said, regarding the incident with the nooses hung in the tree, that it was 'in very poor taste, but not racist.'"

"I don't know those boys, bu

t I do think if they would have been brought up knowing what nooses stand for " "

"Apparently, they knew something. They hung them," Carol interjects.

"Does it still justify what they did to my son, Justin? Everybody is forgetting about my son," Kelli chimes in. "Three months later, (he) got knocked unconscious and stomped and kicked in his head."

"I had a nurse, an RN, in my husband's face saying, ‘He got out in three hours. He was not really hurt. He went to the ring ceremony that night.' He went to the ring ceremony because this was an important event. He went, got his ring and left," says Bobbie, a teacher's aide at Jena High School. "Doesn't mean he wasn't damaged. Doesn't mean that he could have been easily killed. So don't downplay his injuries and make saints of the students who did this."

Dr. Phil addresses the Barkers. "The young men who were involved in the attack and beating of your son should be held accountable for that, chapter and verse. No question. Your son is a victim here," he says. "I think, lost in all the rhetoric, what everybody is saying is, 'Let the punishment fit the crime.' It was not a trivial crime. If your son was provoking them, he should not have done that. That doesn't justify six people jumping on one kid and beating him." Turning to Justin he adds, "And I am so glad that you were not injured worse than you were, and I don't think the fact that a kick didn't hit you in the temple and kill you means that the intent was any less."


"The charges that were leveled against these kids were excessive and should not have occurred," says Carol.

"Myself and a lot of other pastors are standing up for healing of this wound. Jena is wounded. The only way it's going to get healed is that we stop messing with it," Rev. Moran.