Kidnapping Follow-up

Kidnapping Follow-up
Dr. Phil checks in with the two families competing in the Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge.

After her confrontation with Tina, Lisa is questioned by Michael Sanders, chief prosecutor on this case. Lisa reveals that Dan called her daughter the previous night and said that he was really sorry Lisa was involved in all of this. She adds, "Anytime I try to bring up the kids, he just shuts me off and I'm

afraid that if I just keep at it he'll quit trusting me and won't tell me anything at all."


Though Lisa has never known Dan to be violent, she says he was "erratic and extra hyper" when she spoke with him after he took the kids.


"Did he say where he was?" Mr. Sanders probes.


"He said, 'Close to where you graduated,'" Lisa tells him, noting that she graduated in Princeton, Missouri.


"Did he say whether the kids were with him?


"No. He said that he had taken them to a friend's that had a farm, and that they were having a good time. He said that they were with a friend that Tina doesn't know," Lisa reveals.


"Do you think that he's trying to tell you that they're safe?"


Lisa says that Dan told her daughter on the phone that the kids are safe. When they are finished, Lisa goes to the hotel to give Detective Green all the letters that Dan has written her.

Mr. Sanders meets with Tina to tell her what he has found out from Lisa.


"We just learned that her daughter had talked to Dan in the last 24 hours and that he had indicated to her daughter that the kids were safe," he says. "Now, for the first time, she told us

that was in the Princeton area."


"Her family's in Princeton," a shocked Tina says. "Why wouldn't she tell you guys that?"


Lisa also admitted that she talks to Dan on the phone about once a week.


Tina shares her ex-husband's plan. "He said he's going to take the fifth. He's going to plead guilty and not say anything. He already told me that."


"Does that mean he's not going to say anything about where the children are at?" Mr. Sanders asks Tina, and she says yes. "I think he's rolling some big dice and he's looking at quite a bit of time in the Missouri Department of Corrections."


"So we might not ever find them?" Tina asks.


"We're going to be there for you and bring them home together," Mr. Sanders assures her.