Kids Ask Dr. Phil and Robin: Sara & Ryan

Granting a Wish
Kids and parents ask Dr. Phil about their concerns and fears.One of the letters Dr. Phil and Robin received was from Sara, whose parents work in public positions at their church. She says
they are often negatively criticized and people say things that are completely untrue. The comments negatively affect her because she takes them personally. Sara wants to know how Robin handles it when someone personally attacks Dr. Phil.

Robin responds saying, "I don't read it and I don't listen to it, because I know in my heart that they don't know you. They don't know the real you, and that they're just going to write those things to sell papers. They have no real regard for the truth, and I know that, I truly believe that." When she does read about her husband in the papers, she says, "I laugh about it."

Dr. Phil reminds her, "They write about you sometimes," and Robin replies saying, "Yeah, I don't laugh about that."

Dr. Phil responds to Sara's question saying, "You have to understand, you know your dad and you know the truth, and that's what you have to deal with. You can't let others decide how you feel."

Dr. Phil describes another e-mail he received that meant a lot to him.
"I recently received a letter from a little boy with a question that was hard for me to read, but it absolutely touched my heart," he says.

Eight-year-old Ryan writes to Dr. Phil; "I am eight-years-old and one of your biggest fans. My name is Ryan and I just love your show. I have leukemia and I'm spending a lot of time in the hospital. When I was first diagnosed, I had chemotherapy for

three whole years and then it went into remission. But I got it again and I'm back in the hospital. I have a hard life, but I can make it through this.

"Your show helps me a lot. Me and my mom watch you all the time. I like how you tell the truth. I like how you make people feel good and how you can be funny as you help people. Dr. Phil, you are the best. It would be a dream come true to see you in person. Is there anyway a kid like me could meet you?"


Dr. Phil welcomes Ryan to the show, and Robin walks him out on stage. Ryan meets Dr. Phil and Dr. Phil tells him, "I'm just really proud that you wanted to come here and meet me."

Dr. Phil asks Ryan about another wish he has. "I understand that you have another wish, and that is that you've wanted to take a trip to Maui where you could go snorkeling and visit one of your cousins that you haven't seen in a long time." Dr. Phil tells him, "We're going to send you and your entire family on an eight-day trip to Maui," provided by Sun Trips.

Dr. Phil also surprises Ryan with a video camera. "I want to know

what's happening while you're there, and they told me you like taking pictures, so I got you this super cool little Sony camera. It's a digital camcorder, which is courtesy of our friends at Wal-Mart."

Dr. Phil gives Ryan one last piece of advice. "From one bald guy to another, you're going to want to take some sunscreen with you to Maui, because trust me, you can cook your egg in a hurry over there," he tells him.

At the end of the show, Dr. Phil talks to Ryan, who's sitting in the audience. "You were telling me that you like fast cars. Well we're about to end this show, so why don't you come with us," he tells Ryan. "I've got a Formula One Ferrari out in the parking lot and if it's OK with mom and dad ... you and I are going to take a ride in the Ferrari."

An eager and excited Ryan jumps up from the audience, ready to go for spin with Dr. Phil.


"Robin said we couldn't drive fast, but I don't see her in the car. Do you?" Dr. Phil says to Ryan. "No. Just drive fast," Ryan responds.