Kids' First: Birds and Bees
Parents ask Dr. Phil how he thinks they handled their first birds and the bees talk with their children.
Wendy and Brian knew it was time to have a talk about the birds and the bees when their 7 and 9-year-old sons started asking questions. They had "the talk," but wanted Dr. Phil to let them know how he thought it went. Our camera's captured the event.

"Mommy and I wanted to take this opportunity to talk with you in more detail about things having to do with sex," says Brian.

Wendy begins reading from a book titled The Amazing Sperm Trip: "When a woman and a man want to make a baby, they get very close to each other, so close that a man's penis goes inside the woman's vagina."

"So it goes inside the girl's body?" asks 7-year-old Dakota.

"Yes," says Wendy.

"Eww!" says Dakota. "Is she naked? "

"She's under the covers so it's OK," says Wendy.

After they finish reading from the books, Wendy asks her sons, "Do you have any questions?"

Both boys shake their heads, "No."
"I think it went very well, but the boys weren't very reactionary," says Wendy. They broke out into giggles when we got really explicit with them."

"I thought it was a good reaction at the end when you asked if there were any questions and they said no," laughs Dr. Phil. "I thought that your tone with the boys was really good. You sat down with them and it was calm. There were no distractions, no TV or anything in the background. From a psychological standpoint, I give you high marks. There are a few things I would change, but the good news is it's nothing that's scarred your boys."

Dr. Phil goes on to explain that when children are 6 or younger, parents need to be accurate while speaking in abstract terms instead of being graphic, which could be confusing to a child.