Know it all In-Laws: Hidden Camera

Know it all In-Laws: Hidden Camera

When Amanda leaves the room, she says she can hear her husband and mother-in-law speaking in French, and she's always wanted to know what they are saying. Dr. Phil arranged to have a truth session for the family. When Amanda, Pierre and Yolande go out dinner, unbeknownst to Pierre and Yolande, the restaurant is bugged with hidden cameras, and a French translator listens to the conversation and tells Amanda what is being said.

After arriving at the restaurant, Amanda excuses herself from the table so she can get wired up and receive an earpiece to be placed in her ear.

When Amanda leaves the table for the second time, Yolande speaks to Pierre in French. The translator relays Yolande's comments. "She says that he can't stay with a girl like that. ‘She eats in a really

bad manner. She's strange. She's got an alcohol problem.' She's saying that she's already ordered a second glass of wine. ‘She's probably going to order a third glass at the bar,'" the translator says. "She's saying, ‘You cannot find worse than her. You can only find better.'"


Another time Amanda leaves the table, Yolande says, "I've never seen a woman like that before. She's got big issues."

Pierre responds, "I told you, Mom. She's very nervous."

Yolande says, "Go on the Internet. You can definitely meet somebody else … Any woman you meet there would be less crazy than Amanda."

Pierre defends his wife.

Yolande comments on her dislike for Amanda's purse, and Pierre points out that he bought it for her.

"He's saying that she looked like trailer trash, and that's why he had to buy her a purse," the translator relays. "She's saying, ‘Why do you want to ruin your life with a person like that?'"

Pierre tells his mom he's had enough.

Yolande mentions that she is going to sell the house.

Back at her house after dinner, Amanda shares her thoughts on what she's learned. "When I heard my mother-in-law saying stuff about my drinking, I just wish she would realize that yeah, I do order a lot of drinks. It's because of her. And I really don't care for her opinion," she says. "I don't know who the hell she thinks she is. She doesn't even know me, so she shouldn't really even judge me." In response to Yolande saying that Amanda is nuts and crazy, she says, "I wanted to take
my glass of wine and throw it in her face."

Amanda continues. "When I heard her saying he needs to go on the Internet to find somebody else, it pretty much pissed me off, and it got to my boiling point. That's just going over the edge," she says.

Back in the studio, Dr. Phil tells Amanda, "I am so sorry that you are being treated that way." Speaking to Pierre, he says, "Shame on you for being

a party to that. If you can't stand up for your wife, if you can't get a backbone, I don't give a damn how many cars she buys you. That's just wrong, and to be a part of that, you should be ashamed of yourself."

"When I see it like that, you know, removed from it, and I watch it, I can't believe that I act like that," Pierre says.

"They don't get it," Amanda says. "They don't take anything
that I say seriously."

Dr. Phil turns his attention to Yolande. "What do you say about that?" he asks her. "You're talking about her being unhealthy, and mentally ill and psychologically unstable. It seems to me that what you're doing is mean, and vicious and cruel. That doesn't seem mentally healthy to me."

"There is quite a distortion in this presentation," Yolande says. "She did not start drinking because of me. She has admitted that she has a drinking problem."

Dr. Phil takes Yolande to task for saying that the representation was distorted. "Did you say the things that we heard you say? Did the French translator do a pretty good job?" he asks.

"What she said there is correct," Yolande says.

Yolande explains that Amanda and Pierre have never paid her any money toward the upkeep of the house they live in, which she owns. When she has

asked them for money, they refused to pay.

Dr. Phil addresses Amanda. "You're being abused by your mother-in-law. You're being abused and neglected by your husband," he tells her. He also warns, "You have a drinking problem."

"Yeah, I do," Amanda admits.

"It's unhealthy for you. It's wrong for you. You need to change that for you," he says. "I am more than willing to help you do that. I'll do whatever, together, we determine to be the best and most appropriate thing for you, if you will do that."


"I would definitely like the help," Amanda says. 

"I'm going to make the options available to you so you can do what you have to do to reclaim yourself, and your peace of mind and a sober existence in this world," Dr. Phil assures her. 

Dr. Phil asks Pierre if he truly wants to be married to Amanda.

"I do," he says. "I love her, and I don't want to move home. I really feel like I'm in the middle, where if I choose my wife and I want to stay with my wife, I'll have no more " it's not just the money " I'll have no more contact with my mother."

"That would be your mother's choice," Dr. Phil tells him. "The fact that it's a difficult choice suggests that I think you need to really revisit whether you want to be in this marriage or not."

Dr. Phil addresses Yolande. "Are you interested in cutting your son off, in terms of your relationship with him, if he stays with her and

works with her to help her get better with her problem?" he asks.

"I hope their relationship will work out, and as soon as they are independent, I will not be contacting them except occasionally," Yolande says.

Dr. Phil tells Pierre he has to make a decision. "There is no divided loyalty here. Your commitment is to your wife," he says. He looks at Amanda and says, "If he's not going to support you being who you are, the sooner you find that out, the better. And then you go forward." Turning back to Pierre he says, "This is your wife. There's no divided loyalty here. You stand by her."