Let's Talk about Sex: Patricia and Eric

Let's Talk about Sex: Patricia and Eric

"Most of the time, Eric and I have sex at least five times a day," says Patricia with a giggle.

"Patricia's sex drive is unbelievable," says Eric. "It definitely was sparks and fireworks. The moment I saw her, I couldn't take my eyes off of her."

Walking through the home she shares with Eric, Patricia says, "We basically have sex everywhere, and we've conquered every inch of the apartment. We have sex on the counter. It's a pretty good height for some action. These chairs, on the couches, sometimes we break it down to the floor, on the table, in the bathroom, on the bathroom counter, in the tub. We like to take bubble baths together, and obviously do it in the shower. The bedroom, is a given, have sex on the bed, have sex on the floor, and that's about it. We just have a lot of sex."


The couple's sexual escapades start as early as 3:00 in the morning.

"When we wake up in the morning, we have sex, like, at least three times," says Patricia. "I don't work, so I prepare for Eric to come home. I like to always have my makeup done, like, always have my hair done."

"I'm a normal guy," says Eric with a broad smile. "I love having sex with my beautiful girlfriend. You can tell her to step it up a notch."

"Am I a nymphomaniac?" asks Patricia.

Dr. Phil begins by asking who, of the twosome, has raised the concern about what's normal.

"It's basically me," says Patricia. "I've heard that having sex, like, healthy sexual relationships, actually promotes a longer lifespan."

"That's true," says Dr. Masterson.

"So, I want to know," Patricia continues, "I like to have balance in my life. Is there too much?"

"Are you concerned about it?" Dr. Phil asks Eric.

"No, not really. I'm not concerned at all. I think it's great," he says.

"So you're just a happy camper," says Dr. Phil.

"Yeah, I'm loving life, living the dream," Eric says with a smile.

"I think they're a typical young " and you just started dating " couple who's in love, and at the beginning you're going to have sex a few times a day, and that is normal," says Dr. Masterson.


"Why fix what ain't broke?" asks Dr. Phil. "You're happy â€" "

"I just love him," Patricia interjects, "and I just want to do everything right, and I just wanted your opinion on what's right and what's wrong."

"Well, my opinion is that practice makes perfect," says Dr. Phil.

"OK, but as a women's advocate, I think you are getting everything that you want," Dr. Masterson tells Eric. Turning to Patricia she adds, "And I know sexually you're fulfilled too, but I think really and honestly, you probably want to go after your job and things like that, or are you truly taken care of?"

"Yeah but, you just finished school a little while ago, right?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Yeah, I have my résumé out. I'm looking," Patricia explains.

"She worked her whole way through college, you know," says Eric. "We're comfortable, we're taking our time."

"They're just kicking back," says Dr. Phil. "They just don't watch a lot of TV. You're not, like, stuck. You're not, like, becoming some sex slave or something. You've still got drive. You still want to get out and do what you want to do."

"Yeah," says Patricia.

"That's the balance," says Dr. Masterson. "That's the key. As long as you remember who you are, and you don't become, just as you said, sex slave, kitten, whatever."

"I'll just tell you, I think you're young, healthy and in love, and more power to you is the way I look at it," says Dr. Phil.