Visual Adultery?
Ashton says the temptation to look at Internet pornography is too hard to resist, and it could destroy his marriage of only one year.

“Porn was addicting from the start,” Ashton explains. “I found myself wanting to look at it; having to look at it. When the urge for pornography comes up, it’s like nothing in the world matters. It is a battle every day.”

Ashton’s wife, Kailey, says it started when the couple began dating. She says Ashton told her he had looked at it in the past, but had moved on. Just a few months after they were married, Ashton confessed that he had started to look at pornography again. “I felt betrayed, and I felt humiliated,” she says. “I thought he was committing visual adultery.”

“Five minutes turns into five hours,” Ashton says of how the time slips away when he’s in front of his computer. “It consumes me. It’s like a drug habit.”

Kailey says that she worries that pornography is a gateway for her husband to having sex with another woman.

“My battle will never end,” Ashton says. “No matter where I go, pornography will follow me.”

[AD]Kailey tells Dr. Phil that not only is pornography degrading to the woman involved in it, it hurts families in America. “There are woman out there, like me, who are competing for the attention of their husbands with millions of women that are readily available at any time with the click of a mouse. These things that these girls are willing to do — I just can’t compete with that.”

Ashton says that he uses Internet pornography as a way to escape the stresses of the world.
“Do you spend money on this?” Dr. Phil asks.

Ashton assures him that he’s never used the couple’s money to fund his pornography addiction.

“It’s so readily available [that] you don’t have to,” Dr. Phil adds.

Ashton says that he has no doubt that he is an addict.

“I love Ashton so much, but I’ve given him an ultimatum: Me or the girls on the computer,” Kailey says. “He has to choose.”

Is Internet pornography an addiction?

Dr. Phil acknowledges that the couple has tried many different methods to curb Ashton’s need to look at pornography, including setting blocks on their computer and removing cable television from their home.

“I always am going to be slightly skeptical,” Kailey says. She says that their past is filled with assurances and then relapses.

“Under it all, I am a man, and I have weaknesses,” Ashton says. “And this is my weakness; this is my vice. It scares me to death that this could be the end of my relationship with my wife.”

[AD]Dr. Phil turns to previous guest, Berkley, to hear her opinion on the couple. She tells him that she has a friend who knows that she makes amateur pornography, but confides that she feels like her husband is cheating when he looks at it.

“I totally understand,” Berkley's husband, Tyler says, sympathizing with the couples’ issue. “I just really hope you guys can make it work.”

Dr. Phil counsels Ashton and Kailey on how to save their marriage.

Kailey agrees to not give Ashton ultimatums, and Ashton accepts the offer of help.