Behind Closed Doors
“This new season of Our America is about the diversity and complexity that exists in America,” journalist Lisa Ling tells Dr. Phil. “People have shared with me things that they may never have even shared with their own family members or their closest friends.”

“I love what you’re doing with Our America,” Dr. Phil says. “Are you having fun?”

“I’m having an incredible time,” she says. “The show is incredibly provocative, but rich and substantive at the same time. I’m thrilled.”

The season premiere of Our America on OWN airs October 16 and focuses on the adult entertainment industry. Dr. Phil explains that even those not involved in pornography should have knowledge, if just to protect children. “It’s a click away,” he says.  

“Exactly,” Lisa says. “It is so pervasive. We all know that pornography is one of the biggest businesses in the world. On the Internet, it is the biggest business. There are thousands and thousands of sites — in fact millions of sites where people can access it. You’re right, it is a click away. So, people do need to be aware, and if you do have kids in your home, be conscious of the fact that it’s easy to access.”

Dr. Phil asks the audience how many people have had a pornographic pop-up window appear while searching the Internet for something unrelated. Almost the entire audience raises his or her hand.  

[AD]“Well, 12 percent of all Internet sites are porn sites,” Lisa says. “So, that’s about 25 million sites out there on the World Wide Web. Historically, porn would be what people would watch on the periphery. But now there are thousands of sites where people can actually engage with other people. So, right now, there are thousands and thousands of people sitting in their bedrooms waiting to be engaged or engage.”

“The cameras go both ways,” Dr. Phil adds.
Tyler, 24, and Berkley, 21, are featured on the season premiere of Our America. They tell Lisa that they started making amateur pornography as a way to save money for their education. Now, the couple uses their online job to support themselves and stay home with their 20-month-old daughter. Five nights a week, after they put their daughter to bed, the couple turns on the camera and start filming.

“How did you get into porn?” Lisa asks the couple.

Berkley says she first introduced it to Tyler, and they quickly started making money. The very first night, after only 30 minutes, they made $300.

“I’m done with the normal 40-hour week,” Tyler says he thought instantly. He says that even if they work just a few days a week, they can typically net $1,000. The couple says they use their bedroom as their set, with a baby monitor at a low volume to monitor their daughter asleep upstairs.

“Their clients will play up to $7 a minute,” Lisa says of the online followers. “And 75 percent of that goes to the hosting website.”

[AD]The couple joins Dr. Phil onstage.

“You two know this is controversial,” Dr. Phil tells Berkley and Tyler.

“Very,” Berkley says.

“What’s the downside?” Dr. Phil asks. “What do you think the dangers are?”

Berkley answers, “One day having to tell our daughter. We haven’t really decided how we’re going to do that yet.”
Before turning to amateur adult video, Tyler says he was working long hours leaving little time to see his young daughter. Now, he says they work only three to four hours a night, and the job allows them to spend all day, every day, with their daughter, while netting as much as $2,000 per week.

“A guy-to-guy question,” Dr. Phil says to Tyler. “Does it bother you that there are people who watch your wife naked every night?”

Tyler says his wife is a beautiful woman who receives attention everywhere she goes, and the adult video is shot in a safe environment. “If people want to look, I don’t see a problem with it,” he says.

“It would bother me,” Dr. Phil confesses.

Berkley says that she thinks of it more like putting on a show in front of a computer screen in the comfort of her own bedroom.

Dr. Phil questions Tyler again about how he will share their profession with their daughter. Tyler confides that they don't plan on being in the adult video business forever, and that he will handle telling his daughter when the timing is right.

[AD]Lisa Ling says that it was very important to remain open-minded when interviewing people for her show. She says she saw where the couple was living before, and she notes that their new home provides a much safer environment for a family. “Whether they continue to pursue this later on is up to them,” she says.

“Are you saying that it makes sense to you?” Dr. Phil asks Lisa.

“It’s not something that I would do,” she explains. “But by the same token, I don’t have the life that they had.”
Berkley says that her life now is dramatically different. She says she’s able to pay the bills, have food in the kitchen and have health insurance for her daughter.

Tyler says that he does want to have job outside amateur adult video someday.

The couple admits that their personal intimacy has suffered as a result, but that they're working on it together

“How is it different off-camera versus on-camera?” Dr. Phil asks the couple. “Do you have boundaries? What won’t you do?”

“We do have boundaries,” Berkley says, “and we usually list them on the website.”

“There are some things that we will not do,” Tyler confirms firmly.

Berkley confides that many of their viewers have fetishes; some, like foot fetishes, are more innocent than others.

[AD]“People like disgusting things too,” Tyler says.

Lisa adds that it is advantageous to keep people viewing as long as possible since the site charges by the minute.

“What people do behind closed doors is amazing.”

“Are you proud of what you do?” Dr. Phil asks the couple.

“I’m really proud,” Berkley answers. “It got us out of a really rough spot.” She adds that they now enjoy a comfortable and stress-free lifestyle.

Tyler explains just how bad their living situation was. Plus, the couple describes how they told their loved ones.