Little Mean Girls: Michelle and Dr. Phil


Michelle writes:

Dear Dr. Phil,
I've created a monster! I've given my 5-year-old anything she wants and now she's snobby, bossy and spoiled. She makes her friends tie her shoes and constantly bosses them around. She's 5! If you tell her,
'no,' get ready for a kicking, screaming temper tantrum. She will tell you that her daddy says she's a princess so she can have whatever she wants. Please help Dr. Phil. I'm afraid she's going to get meaner as she gets older, and I won't know how to deal with the parents or teachers that she bullies around.


When Dr. Phil asks Michelle what she's learned from the previous guests, she says, "I give in too much to avoid the conflict. I give her everything. If she wants it, I get it. If she wants to do it, we do it. If she doesn't want to do it, we don't. It's terrible."

"What are you thinking?" Dr. Phil asks. "You're an intelligent woman. You have to know that when you give in, you just paid off like a slot machine. What did you think was going to happen?"


Michelle explains that when her child, Genesis, was younger, it was cute. "Now it's not cute anymore."