Single and Sick of It!

"I'm single and 30. Sometimes I feel like I should be walking around with a giant S, like a scarlet letter: ‘She's single. How dare she?'" says Adrianne. "Then there's my mom. She is a little bit meddlesome. She told me, ‘I've been putting some profiles up for you online.'"

"I didn't find many men with the qualities that I think my daughter is looking for. I sorted through them, getting rid of the smokers, the unemployed and also those seeking only a physical relationship," says Adrianne's mom, Marie. "She's a beautiful, healthy, well-educated, all-around good person."


"I've never had a boyfriend. I know I'm not a perfect 10, but Dr. Phil, I want to know what am I doing wrong?" Adrianne asks. "Steve Harvey, you're a man. What else can I do to attract one? I'm hoping you guys will act as my fairy godfathers and help me find Prince Charming."


When the video ends, Dr. Phil turns to Adrianne. "Is your mother butting in too much?" he asks.


[AD]"Yeah, she is," she replies. Adrianne says she discovered that her mother pretended to be her, posting profiles online and chatting with potential suitors. "She wanted me to write to these guys. I'm like, ‘No. You've already established the relationship. You go out with them.'"


"I was just weeding through it so you would get the cream of the crop," Marie explains.

"So you go into the relationship lying," Steve observes.

"Those Web sites, you have to know a lot of them are not the truth," Marie says.


"Yeah, like you," Dr. Phil quips.

Dr. Phil turns to Adrianne. "Why do you not get past the first date, in your opinion?"

"I think it's just me," she replies, explaining that she doesn't feel that she is attractive to certain men.


"You're an attractive lady, but you have a negative disposition, and it carries over into every statement you make," Steve observes.

Watch what happens when Dr. Phil sets Adrianne up on a date!

[AD]When the video ends, Steve gives his impressions. "You've really got to brighten your disposition," he tells Adrianne. "You're taking your mother's anxiety about not having anybody: ‘I'm really nervous. What's he's going to think?' Don't worry about that. Go and be you. You've got to become a happier you."


Dr. Phil shows a still of Adrianne's face while on her date, looking unhappy. Her dinner date, Mark, describes the encounter. "No matter what I was trying to bring up, or different topics, or trying to lighten the humor, it seemed like that [expression] was what I was getting back in return," Mark tells Dr. Phil.


"The message I heard was: ‘My life is in shambles,'" Dr. Phil notes.

"I think going into the date, I had kind of written it off," Adrianne tells Dr. Phil. With tears streaming down her face, she continues, "It's just tough hearing what I've been doing."

Moved by her tears, Steve walks down to the audience and gives Adrianne a hug.
"She's an absolute sweetheart," Mark chimes in. "She cares for her students. She cares for the things she works on. She cares for her parents, very much so. She's a sweetheart, and I thought she looked great on the date."


[AD]"What we're trying to say is on the next date, you need to give yourself a fresh start and say, 'You know what? I don't want to pre-judge these people as rejecting me or not being interested. I have to put my best foot forward, go out there, be optimistic, be happy and have a good time and let it happen,'" Dr. Phil advises. "There's somebody out there who is looking for you."


"I think before I date, I spend so much time on my hair, or my clothes, or my shoes, and not enough on myself," Adrianne says.