Single Women Speak Up!
The single women in the audience discuss their dating dilemmas with Steve.
La Fawn, a black woman, says she refuses to marry an African-American man. Dr. Phil turns to her. "Why?" he asks.
"I still find black men very, very attractive, however I've had a really bad experience some years ago when I was younger, and then I vowed that not only was I going to stop dating black men, but I was going to revamp who I'm looking for altogether."
"So you think other men are what?" Steve asks.
"Men of all nationalities, of all cultures, they can still be bad guys, but at this part of my life, I'm only allowing certain cultures to get close to me," La Fawn says.
[AD]Dr. Phil goes over La Fawn's past relationships. "She dated one man " she e-mailed him for two years " who said he only wanted dinner and sex, because she hoped to change his mind," he tells Steve. "Then she stayed with a man for 18 months who, every time she wanted to leave, took all of her belongings and said, ‘You can't have these until you come back.' She hung with him, because she thought she was going to fix him."

Steve addresses the young woman. "You cannot change a man. All you can do is bring out the best in a man," he says. "Most guys tell you in the beginning what they're about. You just didn't listen."
Sixx, another single woman, explains why she feels unlucky in love.