Too Lovely for Love?
"My name is Trasi, and I'm in a dating dilemma. I need you all's help to figure out why I'm not married yet," Trasi beseeches Dr. Phil and Steve on home video. "I tried the dating Web sites. I love a well-dressed man and great conversation."
She poses a question to Dr. Phil and Steve: "Do I seem intimidating, or am I just too good to be true?" she asks.
When the tape ends, Dr. Phil turns to Trasi. "Well, you're certainly modest," he teases. "'Am I too beautiful, or am I too good to be true?'"
[AD]"Not necessarily beautiful, but I think I hold my own in the looks [department]. Basically, guys don't approach. They look from a distance," Trasi replies. "I'm the girl who's fun-loving, I like to have a good time, but they just don't approach me."
Trasi registered on Steve's Web site Dr. Phil introduces T.C., who is also a member.
Watch what happens when Dr. Phil sends Trasi and T.C. on a date! 
When the videotape ends, Dr. Phil turns to T.C. "Were you intimidated by her?" he asks.
"Not at all. What I heard in the segment here is totally not the person I met that day," he answers. "How can I be intimidated by someone who is supposed to complement me and was made for me? I'm not intimidated by women."
[AD]"Yeah! That's what I said," Steve says, nodding in agreement with T.C. But he does have some advice for the young man. "I would change your name, T.C., and stop saying ‘Total Control,' because in 2010, they don't give us that anymore. Women don't give us total control. I'd change it to something like ‘Tough and Caring.'"