Looking For Mr. Millionaire

Looking For Mr. Millionaire
"I'm a multlimillionaire looking for the princess of my dreams," says Edward, who has a passion for collecting art, adores his Yorkie named Duke, and has already purchased diamonds from a prominent dealer in Belgium for when he finds his special woman.

But he wants to find a mate who's interested in who he is " not just his money. "I wouldn't mind meeting a lady in a 1955 Chevy with no hubcaps," he says. "I want to simply meet someone who is who she is and what she has inside, not what she wants."


"You cannot be serious!" says Dr. Phil. "This is your approach to finding a woman who wants you for who you are? You go on national TV and show them your house, your art collection, the rings, your car, the diamond collar on your dog, but you just want them to like you for you?"

Dr. Phil suggests: "If you want to know whether someone is interested in you instead of your money, then you have to present yourself in a way that is devoid of all of that until you get an opportunity to find out if there really is a connection there with somebody... I think you can't lead with that stuff, or you're always going to be suspicious...If you want to get into a target-rich environment, you have to drop all of those trappings. "

Edward, who is looking for his "true princess," asks that you send an essay/bio on why you'd like to meet him along with a photo and a phone number where you can be reached.

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