Driving the Women Away

"I'm a 26-year-old grad student. I'm attractive, intelligent, funny, loyal. I've been told by girls I'm a great guy, but I'm still single for one main reason, and that is that I'm entirely too clingy and needy. I've called a girl about 15 times over a three- or four-hour time frame and usually that includes a fair amount of texting as well. I've even gotten in the car and driven by her apartment to make sure she's there. I will often say things like, ‘I miss you,' or ‘I'm thinking about you,' largely to get a return response. Generally, my relationships don't seem to get past three or four months. Dr. Phil, is there anything you can do to help me in my attempts at relationships with women?"

Aaron tells Dr. Phil he doesn't have trouble getting a date, but it doesn't take long before he hears that he's too clingy, too available and comes on too strong. He says he likes to text them after the date to say he had a good time and to get her to say the same thing. He then will call them daily. "The problem is, I've never been great a playing the game, obviously," he says. 

"You're crowding these girls because you're too nervous that they might not like you," Dr. Phil says. "And so what it boils down to is ‘What you fear, you create.' Because a girl likes to feel she won you over, as opposed to you ran her down like a cheetah on a deer. You know, if she feels like she's a deer and you're a cheetah, then she's not too proud that you caught her."

[AD]Dr. Phil tells Aaron he has to behave his way to success. First, he has to put himself on a schedule. "I'm giving you a Philip Stein watch, so you can time yourself and say, ‘I don't call for 24 hours.'" The watch's exclusive natural frequency technology will help alleviate Aaron's dating anxiety.


Dr. Phil suggests that if he takes a girl out on Friday evening, he shouldn't call her until Tuesday. "Trust yourself enough that your traits, your characteristics, your demeanor, your personality is going to be good enough that if you give somebody the chance, they're going to decide they want to get to know you," he says.

Dr. Phil also surprises Aaron with a $100 gift certificate to The Cheesecake Factory. When Aaron comments that there isn't one in his hometown, Dr. Phil says he'll pay the gas for him to drive to the nearest one.


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Members of Dr. Phil's studio audience also receive a $100 gift certificate to The Cheesecake Factory and $100 gift card for 1-800Flowers.com!

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"Well, I might as well make it a clean sweep and give everyone a Philip Stein watch as well," Dr. Phil says, and the audience goes nuts!


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