A Roller Coaster Ride

"Chris and I have been together for going on seven years in May," Terri says. "We intended on getting married. We just haven't had the opportunity."

"We have three beautiful children: Adrianna, Gabrielle and Connor," Chris says. "As soon as we were together, in a very short time, we had challenges, one right after another."

"When Adrianna was almost 2 years old, she was diagnosed with a pediatric cancer known as Neuroblastoma, and it was Stage 4, which is the worst possible stage that it could've been in," Terri explains. "She had it in her skull, her jaw. There was a tumor on her adrenal gland. She had it in her back, in her bone marrow, so she had it literally head to toe."

"With Adrianna having childhood cancer, that was the lowest point of my life," Chris remembers.

"We had to stop thinking about ourselves and the time that we would generally spend together, and we had to focus on our kids," Terri says.

"We invested in a business that ended up failing. We both had to file for unemployment," Chris says, growing tearful. "Very challenging times."

"Everything that we had was falling to pieces. It was extremely stressful," Terri says.

[AD]"Adri, right now with her cancer, is in remission, and we're very happy with that. And in the same sense, we're very guarded," Chris says.

"Adrianna asked me when she was going to get to go to the ball. She was talking about the wedding reception, her having a real princess dress and wearing it, and that really hit my heart," Terri says. "Everything had taken a toll on our family. We had talked about getting married, but our dilemma is the fact that we can't afford it."

"Dr. Phil, I've been keeping something from Terri. I need your help. Will you help me?" Chris asks.

Dr. Phil comments that Chris and Terri got it backward " the wedding should've come before the kids. "You just don't want to do a courthouse," he says.

"No, that's not what I had been wanting to do. I really want to have the wedding and the reception," Terri says.

"Has it occurred to you that maybe the boy just doesn't want to marry you?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No," she says with a smile.

"Because let me tell you, when a guy wants to get something done, he's going to get it done," he says. Dr. Phil turns to Chris, "Now, you say you need my help to tell her something."

"Yes," Chris says.

[AD]"You've had trouble putting this on the table. You think it'll move the ball forward," Dr. Phil says.

"Yes, I do," Chris says seriously.

"You think it will move an obstacle."

He nods.

"And there's clearly an obstacle here, right?"

"Yes," he says.

Chris faces Terri and speaks from the heart.

Dr. Phil informs the couple that their family has been secretly watching the proposal via Polycom. The family appears on the big screen behind them.

"Hi, Dr. Phil!" The family says.

"You're all crying. What a bunch of crybabies," Dr. Phil jokes. He asks Terri, "So, how are you feeling right now?"

"Overwhelmed. Extremely excited," she says.

Dr. Phil shows a close-up of Terri's 1.5 carat solitaire diamond ring in 18 karat gold, courtesy of Wigix.com. "Is this just spectacular or what?" He explains that although Terri wrote in with their love dilemma, the show had been working secretly with Chris to plan a few surprises.

Robin joins them onstage. She says there will be no courthouse wedding for this couple " they will be getting their dream wedding! The ceremony and reception will take place at the gorgeous Staley Farms Golf Course in Kansas City, Missouri! The reception will have a Hawaiiain-style luau courtesy of Jay Catering, Kansas City's premier caterer.

"Oh wow," Terri says.

"Also, to go with that gorgeous ring you just got, I think you should also have the most beautiful wedding gown," Robin says. She informs them that Terri will get a custom-made gown by designer Paula Varsalona, courtesy of Bridal Extraordinaire, Kansas City's finest bridal gallery. Bridal Extraordinaire is also providing the bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, and flower girl dresses for their daughters!

"Thank you so much," Terri says through her tears.

"Just to be completely corny, I thought it was ‘time' that you get married, so we want to give you guys some beautiful his-and-hers watches," Dr. Phil says. The signature watches are from Philip Stein and contain exclusive natural frequency technology for less stress, more sleep and better energy. Terri's watch has a diamond on the dial and white patent leather band. Chris' watch has a black leather band.

[AD]"Thank you so much. This is amazing," Terri says.

"You did a great job," Dr. Phil tells Chris.


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