Too Close for Comfort

"Welcome to my home, where I live with my wife, Jennifer, my daughter, Janae, my in-laws, Debbie and Armando, my sister-in-law, Justine, her boyfriend, Hans, [and the pets,] Dottie, Rusty, Charlie, Rolley, Duke, Daisy and Chewy," says newlywed Johnny.

"Due to the recession, my husband got put down to part-time," Jennifer says. "I had to put a few months' rent on my credit card. We didn't want to fall into a bigger hole than we are already in, so my parents offered us a room, and here you have it. We're all crammed into this little, itty-bitty room. I share it with my husband, my daughter, Janae, and sometimes even my stepson. And unfortunately, we share a common wall with my parents. You know how private that is."

"There is no intimacy," Johnny says.

[AD]"The last time that we were intimate was six months ago," Jennifer says. "Here's the bathroom that four adults and one child all have to share. It's definitely claustrophobic. My husband has two part-time jobs. I work full time. There are days that we don't really even see each other."

"I'm trying to do all I can do and still coming up short," Johnny says.

"I would like Dr. Phil to just get our marriage back on track," Jennifer says.

"If you have a relationship and there's no romance, there's no intimacy, there's no one-on-one, where you can just be with each other, the relationship really, really suffers," Dr. Phil tells them.

Johnny and Jennifer agree.

Dr. Phil looks at a family photo of the whole clan under one roof. "How's your sex life living in a house with 100 people?"

"Well, that's just it. There pretty much is none," Jennifer says.

[AD]Dr. Phil says he's not surprised this is taking a toll on their relationship. "There's something called reflexive biting. Stress is really driven by space and overcrowding," he says.

Johnny says they have their barking moments almost on a daily basis.

"But we don't bite," Jennifer adds.

Dr. Phil warns them that unless something changes, their relationship may not survive.



Dr. Phil says Johnny and Jennifer need time and space to reconnect and remember why they got married. Because the couple never got a honeymoon, Dr. Phil tells them, "We're going to send you on that honeymoon you never got." will send the couple to Qamea Resort and Spa, which is located on a private island in Fiji. It's so exclusive, only 17 couples are allowed on the entire island at a time! All meals will be provided, including private dinners and picnics on the beach.

The couple also receives Philip Stein watches. Jennifer's has scattered diamonds and a pink leather strap, and Johnny's is stainless steel with a black silk strap. Hopefully, the exclusive natural frequency technology in the watches will help with the jetlag!

[AD]"I'm forever grateful," Jennifer says. "Thank you so much."

"Hopefully the six-month drought will end," Johnny jokes.


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