No Romance without Finance

"I'm a sugar babe. I do have a sugar daddy, and I'm proud of it," states Hope, who met her benefactor, Davis, on "Davis buys me jewelry. Davis takes me to romantic dinners three times a week. Davis and I go lingerie shopping."

There's just one small catch to Hope's financial arrangement: she's been married for 11 years to Al. "It makes me feel like a has-been. I love Hope more than anything else in the world," says Al. "I got her face

tattooed on my arm because this is the only girl that I ever want to be with. I don't blame Hope for wanting financial security."

Davis says he's not looking for a long-term relationship. "Hope is just an entertaining person. She's a lot of fun, good conversation, and extra-curricular activity," he says with a knowing smile. "I don't have a more traditional relationship because I travel extensively."


Hope's motto is: "Whatever Hope wants, Hope gets," and she isn't limiting herself to just one sponsor. "In addition to Davis, I am seeing another sugar daddy. I would like a third. I'm working on it," she says. "I eventually want to find a sugar daddy who can pay for breast implants. I'm a C right now, and I want to go to a DD. I want a sugar daddy to pay for my eyes and forehead [surgery], and that's going to cost him $20,000."

Hope doesn't feel guilty for going outside her marriage. "Al and I have no sex life. I don't feel like I'm cheating on Al by doing this," she says. 

"What is it they're buying here, and what's the price?" Dr. Phil asks Hope.

"They're buying dinner with me and my company," she replies.

"They're buying dinner," Dr. Phil repeats sardonically. "Did somebody slip up here and write stupid on my forehead?"

Hope elaborates. "Gift certificates, jewelry. My motto is, ‘Whatever Hope wants, Hope gets,'" she repeats. 

"Your motto on is: ‘A head for business, a body for sin,'" Dr. Phil says. He reads a portion of her profile: "‘What do I want? An easier life with benefits. If you're willing to let me be your arm decoration, then I'm willing to take care of you,' and that means go to dinner?"

"Lots of dinners," Hope affirms. "In the beginning, I think I always believed in the institution of marriage. You don't cheat. It was always black or white with me. As I've gotten older now, there are gray areas, and I feel that some of that stuff is OK now."

"Money for sex is a gray area?" Dr. Phil inquires. 

Hope explains, "It's not really just all for sex. I'm attracted to these guys. I have feelings for them. There's more than one."

Dr. Phil takes her to task. "You have feelings for them? You said you wanted another emerald-and-diamond pendant for $2,700, and Davis " whom you're attracted to " needs to pony up for that, or you're going to dump him and replace him."

"Yeah, he'll be out."

"So you care about him, but on the other hand, he needs to pony up the jewelry or hit the door?" Dr. Phil says cynically.

Addressing Al, Dr. Phil says, "How much of this do you know about?"

"Some of it. I know that she's got a pile of names and e-mail addresses and business cards made up," Al replies. 

"She's even got refrigerator magnets," Dr. Phil says, holding one aloft. The magnet reads: "SugarBaby," and includes Hope's contact information.

Laughing, Hope says, "I market myself."

Dr. Phil breaks down Hope's transaction fees. "Basically, if you spend two days with Davis " whom you really care about " it's $2,500. And if you spend the whole week with him, it's $5,000," he says. 

"He throws in gifts. There's got to be gifts, there's got to be dinners," Hope adds.

"How many times do you have sex for $5,000?" Dr. Phil probes. 

"If I spend, like, a week with Davis, [we have sex] maybe two times, three times a week. It's not that often," Hope says. 

Al explains how he feels about his wife's wealthy suitors. "I'm not seeing any of the money, Dr. Phil. What am I going to do? I can't run her life," he says. 

"You can't run her life, but you can run her off!" Dr. Phil exclaims.

"Do you feel bad at all that you're sitting here with your husband, talking about selling your body to strangers you met on the Internet?" Dr. Phil asks Hope. 

"It's not really selling my body to strangers. I get to know them," she insists.

Dr. Phil gives a wry smile. "If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck," he says. 

Davis, who is unable to come to the show due to work obligations, joins Dr. Phil via satellite. "I assume you have to keep your nose to the grindstone pretty good at $5,000 a week," Dr. Phil quips. 

"I wouldn't say those numbers are exactly right," Davis says. "When I travel, I like companionship. I like entertainment, and I'm willing to pay for it without having to go out in the wee hours of the night in Fort Lauderdale and Miami and try to find it."


"Try to find what late at night?" Dr. Phil asks. 

Davis explains, "A relationship, when I'm traveling on business, or just to have a dinner companion, or an evening companion, or a breakfast companion."

"You're talking about a hooker?" 

Davis laughs at the bluntness of Dr. Phil's question. "Exactly. I will pay for that relationship," he says. 

"Do you have any problems with the fact that she's married?" Dr. Phil asks Davis. 

"She's separated. She's been separated for quite a while and they're getting divorced," Davis says. "Most of the people I meet on there are single, but it's my understanding that they've been separated for a while, and pretty much divorced."

"You're not cheating on me, are you?" Hope asks Davis, feigning hurt. 

Davis answers, "There's more than just you, obviously. I'm not married." 

"How did y'all set the price?" Dr. Phil asks. 

"I don't know that there is a price set, other than I will give gifts, I will have nice dinners, I will assist in expenses," Davis explains. "I don't pay a monthly fee, but if she needs money for an expense, I'll be glad to do that."

Addressing Hope, Dr. Phil asks, "Does he pay you money?"

"Yes," she says.

Davis expounds, "I've given her money, I've given her coupons, I've given her cash, but not to the point where I set up a monthly fee."

"You can do this with coupons?" Dr. Phil asks with a wide grin. 

Dr. Phil tries to assess how Hope and Al got into their current situation. "You've been married for 11 years, you were making pretty good money, and you were injured," he says to Al.

"I wasn't injured. I have bad arthritis, and I had a hip replacement," Al replies.

"It knocked down your ability to work," Dr. Phil says. Turning to Hope, he says, "That's when you said, ‘I've got to do something else, because he doesn't have the income any more.'"

"It had to do with my pain pills too, Dr. Phil," Al discloses.

Hope elaborates. "It had a lot to do with pain medication. It had a lot to do with his ex-wife and my stepson," she says.

"You kind of got into some hard financial times, so being a pragmatic woman, you had to make other arrangements," Dr. Phil surmises. 

"Yes. I didn't want to lose my home," Hope says.

Davis tells Dr. Phil that he doesn't have an emotional investment in Hope. "I don't intend on marrying Hope, and I have no desire to. I'm enjoying my lifestyle," he says. 

"She says she's looking for a pool, and breast augmentation, and a face lift, and all of that, which I suppose is somewhat of an investment. We're talking about $40,000 or $50,000 here," Dr. Phil points out. 

"I made my investment, and I see she's not even wearing it," Davis says. 

Hope refutes this, showing Dr. Phil the $2,700 emerald cross that Davis bought for her.

Turning to Al, Dr. Phil says, "You said, ‘Here's everything that has happened. Where do I go from here?'"

"Right," Al says.

"Let me answer that specifically: the courthouse," Dr. Phil says.

Al replies, "I already knew that."

"This isn't about Davis," Dr. Phil makes clear. "Is there any other way to describe what's going on here with your wife?" 

"Part of me can't blame her because of the baggage I brought into my marriage," Al says glumly. "The only problem is, she's been the love of my life. How can I just let that go?"

"Don't grieve for the loss of Hope. You're grieving for the loss of who you wish she was," Dr. Phil explains.

Dr. Phil wonders how long Hope will continue her sex-for-money lifestyle. "We're all getting a little long in the tooth, and there's going to be a point at which you can't mark it down enough to find a sugar daddy," he observes. "What we're talking about is a flesh market, and when the flesh starts to get older and less competitive with the younger people on the site, what are you going to do then?"

"I could even be married to one of these guys by then and have a really easy life," Hope maintains.

Exasperated, Dr. Phil turns to Davis. "Help me out here. What's the chance that you're ever going to marry Hope?

Davis holds up his fingers in a zero sign.

"You're disrespecting yourself," Dr. Phil admonishes Hope. "You're disrespecting your marriage, and if it seems reasonable to you, you need to revisit reasonable. It is a sell out. It is a complete and utter sell out."