Love Resolutions: Jeannie

Love Resolutions: Jeannie

When Jeannie first appeared on the show, she and three other single women were put in a room and spoke candidly about dating. What they didn't know was that four men were

watching them. Some of the men observed Jeannie to be bitter and carry a chip on her shoulder.


"Do you still think that you don't have a chip on your shoulder?" Dr. Phil asks Jeannie.
"The guys I've been dating recently, yeah, with them, I definitely have a chip on my shoulder," Jeannie admits.
"Aren't you awfully hard on yourself?" Dr. Phil asks her.
"I'm terrible," Jeannie says.
"Tell me why," Dr. Phil says.

Holding back tears Jeannie says, "I don't know."
Dr. Phil reiterates a point that he made with his previous guests, that Jeannie must star in her own life. "You don't feel like a star, do you?"
"Oh, no," Jeannie agrees, tearing up.
Dr. Phil reads comments that Jeannie has made about herself. "'I've always felt like an ugly duckling. I've been told that I'm fat, that I'm ugly. I've been hit, and I've been told that I'm an absolute zero,'" he says.
"Yes, that's true," Jeannie says, wiping away tears.
"That will make you bitter, and you come by it honestly," Dr. Phil tells Jeannie.

Dr. Phil explains why he wanted to continue helping her search for Mr. Right. "I think you are the best kept secret in your life," he says, as the audience applauds. "I think you are cute. I think you have an adorable personality. You have a great sense of humor, and you've got guts." When Jeannie reminds

Dr. Phil that the guys thought she was a clown, he says, "If they don't like that, that's OK. The next guy will."


Dr. Phil offers Jeannie some advice. "You can't be all things to all people, and you can't fake fabulous. You've got to decide that you are fabulous," he tells her. "You hooked up with some bad choices in the past, some people that were critical of you and put you down. You can't give them their power ... You've got to fall in love with you. You've got to get excited about who you are. And then we've got to develop a character of him that you're looking for, a character of you, of who you're going to be. And do you know who you're going to be? You're going to be who you really are. The worst thing in the world that you can do is go out there and try to be all things to all people. And if some guy doesn't like who you authentically, genuinely are, that's OK. We will just move on." He offers to help Jeannie get past her history and learn how to star in her life.
"I will totally do the work," Jeannie says. "I'm in."