Love Smart Island: Meet the Singles

Love Smart Island: Meet the Singles


A group of beautiful, successful, single women, who say they can't seem to find Mr. Right, sets sail to Dr. Phil's Love Smart Island.


"Sometimes, I feel like I need to build my own little robot man, because that's the only way I'm going to find the perfect man for me," says 27-year-old January. "I dumped one guy because he peed too much."


Teresa, 28, admits, "When it comes to dating, I'm just clueless."


Dee Dee, 25, who's saving herself for marriage, says, "Just because I want to wait to have sex doesn't mean I'm going to act like a nun."


"It's been seven years since I've had a serious relationship," says 29-year-old Amy. "A lot of the guys are into the girls with fake boobs."


Candice, 25, has had a different experience. "Unfortunately, I seem drawn to the tattooed, live at home, no job, no education kind of guys," she reveals.


Hayley came looking for Dr. Phil's words of wisdom. "I haven't been out on a date in a long time, and Dr. Phil always has great advice, so I'm open to any suggestions that he has," says the 28-year-old. 


"I've never been kissed by a guy. I've never been intimate. I'm a late bloomer," reveals 34-year-old Mary.


Tiffany, 24 is a singer in an all-girl band.


Shanta, 31, knows what she wants to avoid. "When it comes to dating, I can't stand a liar," she says.


Michelle admits she's critical when it comes to men. "I have met some really great guys, but I can pick any one of them apart before the date ends," the 39-year-old says.


Twenty-six-year-old Colleen has never had a long-term relationship.


"I am a new home sales agent. Everyone calls me picky," shares Tyana, 37. "Dr. Phil, I know you'll find me my man."

Dr. Phil surprises the ladies with a visit before they depart for the island. "There's something that you all have in common," he tells the women. "You all say there aren't any guys out there ... I'm just wondering if that's really true, because when I talk to the guys, they say the same thing."

He addresses Dee Dee. "You flirt, and tease and touch, but you have no intention of going anywhere with it," he says.

A surprised Dee Dee responds, "Just because I'm touching, just because I'm flirting, doesn't mean you're going to get me to bed!"

Next, it's Michelle's turn. "Everything you said was totally superficial," Dr. Phil says to her. She complains about men who wear jeans with tennis shoes, wear Wranglers with big buckles, have back hair, long hair or butt hair, and they have to have a nice hairline. "How's my
hairline?" Dr. Phil jokes.


He proposes a question to all the women. "What if it's not them, it's you? What if it's that you're not playing the game right?" he asks. He tells them there are three guys who will be joining them on their cruise, who are ready for a serious relationship.

Dr. Phil introduces the women to three eligible, motivated, single men, who are ready to settle down.


First, they meet 34-year-old Todd, who designs theme park attractions and owns his own company. He has taken gourmet cooking classes, and says he's ready to fall in love. "I had a really long engagement that didn't work out," he reveals.

Next, it's Kevin's turn. He is a 42-year-old gastroenterologist who likes jazz, going to the beach and cooking for his dates. "I'm here because in my professional life I work quite a few hours every day, and it's hard to meet someone," he says. "My biggest turn-offs would be materialism or someone who feels entitled."

Finally, it's Chad's turn. He likes to race sports cars and believes in love at first sight. He says he can't wait to be a soccer dad. "If she has a lot of drama, a lot of baggage, definitely, definitely a deal-breaker for myself," shares the 32-year-old. "I need to actually be able to hold a decent conversation with them. That is very sexy to me."

"I'm going to let you guys mingle," Dr. Phil tells the crowd, and their boat trip begins.

Some of the ladies share their thoughts upon meeting the men.


"We just met the bachelors," Candice says. "Todd is the most aesthetically my type."

Brooke is excited because the men have "real" careers.

"Todd doesn't know, but I wrote Dr. Phil so I could meet him," reveals Hayley, who watched Todd on the Dr. Phil Love Smart series.