Sister Wives?

“Why are you not upset with him?” Dr. Phil asks Carly.

“I am upset with him,” she explains, “but when I look at him, I don’t see a cheater. I don’t know, I just see the person I love.“

Dr. Phil urges Carly to be honest about the situation. “This woman has interjected herself into your marriage. She is sleeping with your husband. You caught them red-handed in bed, right? What were they doing when you came in the room?” he asks.

Carly explains that she found Jessica and Mikey naked in bed together. She says Mikey ran into the bathroom, and Jessica initially hid behind the bedroom door. “But then she eventually came out onto the bed, and gave me this look like she was glad, [as if to say], ‘Oh well,’” Carly describes. Caught in the act, Jessica said that was their first time having sex, but Carly later learned they had an affair for nearly a year — even longer than her marriage to Mikey.

While sympathizing with Carly, Jessica admits that she doesn’t regret having an affair with her husband. “I know that Carly and Mikey are married,” she says. “I don’t agree with them still having sex, but I deal with it. It makes me very angry, and if I had a say, he would not be sleeping with his wife. At this point, knowing they still get together really hurts because I just feel like we really need a decision … I am definitely scared I will not feel this way again about another man as I do for Mikey.”

[AD]Dr. Phil rolls video footage of Jessica and Mikey strolling down a sidewalk together. The two are hand-in-hand, laughing.

“Does it upset you to watch that video?” Dr. Phil asks Carly.

“Very,” she says through tears. “That should be me.”

Catch Mikey and Jessica's hidden romance.

“Now, you admit that other than this situation, you’re basically an honest person,” Dr. Phil says to Mikey. “Have you been honest with [Carly] about your degree of involvement [with Jessica]?”

"We had sex everywhere ... cars, parks, hotels."

Jessica claims that Carly and Mikey were “at their happiest” in their marriage because of her relationship with Mikey.

“So, their marriage was at its best because of you?” Dr. Phil asks.
“Yes, that even came out of [Mikey’s] mouth,” Jessica says.

“How did that work?” he asks. “What was therapeutic about you for their marriage?”

“He was happy to be with me. I gave him confidence, I gave him compliments, and hers were just kind of generic, ‘Oh yeah, you look good today’ basically,” she explains.
Carly interrupts, “Of course you’re going to give him compliments. You were in a failing marriage, so he was telling you what bothered him about me.”

Jessica and Carly begin to argue. Jessica tells Carly that she was “fake” during their friendship and that they were never extremely close. Both women admit that they were “on-and-off-again” friends.

“But are you criticizing her for not cozying up to you?” Dr. Phil asks Jessica. “Because in fact, during that time, you were sleeping with her husband.”

“Yes, I was,” she agrees.

[AD]“As for the compliments thing,” Carly says, “I feel like he stopped listening to what I had to say because he was listening to her compliments more than mine.”

“Are you offended?” Dr. Phil asks Jessica.

Hear what Jessica really thinks about Carly.
“Do you think that these two will ever be peaceful with each other?” Dr. Phil asks Mikey.

“Sure,” he says, “because they talked last night. They hung out several times last week.”

“So, you all hung out last week? What did you do?” Dr. Phil asks Jessica and Carly.

“We went to the movies together,” Carly answers. She explains that she and Jessica have had a tumultuous friendship for at least three months. She says she even considered entering a three-way relationship with Mikey and Jessica, but later changed her mind.

“We had great times together as three [people], so we thought that maybe [the three-way relationship] could work,” Carly explains. “We’d talk about it, we’d fight. We thought it could work so I went to [Jessica’s] house to talk to her about it, but then the next day, we’re back in square one, where neither one of us want that. We want him alone … deep down we know it can’t work, but we’re just searching for answers.”
Mikey laments that Carly constantly changes her mind about pursuing a three-way relationship, and that she even once sent him a text message suggesting that she’d be happy with the arrangement. “I wasn’t the one who put [the idea of the three-way relationship] together that day,” he says. “They came to me with the ideas and the positives, and I told them, if we’re going to do it, then we need to commit to something, and not just keep going back and forth.”

[AD]“Do you believe it’s remotely realistic that these two women are going to just become sister wives, and live with you?” Dr. Phil asks. “Do you think that’s a real possibility, or do you think that while that’s what you’d like, it’s probably not going to happen?”

“At one time, I felt like it was a strong possibility," he says, acknowledging that a three-way relationship with Carly and Jessica is highly improbable.