Love Triangle: Web of lies

Untangling a Web of Lies

“I’m in love with my wife, Carly, and my mistress, Jessica, and I don’t know what to do about it,” Mikey says.

“We’ve been together seven years. Mikey and I have a 3-year-old son together,” Carly explains. “Jessica and I hung out everyday. We became best friends; little did I know she was having an affair with my husband.”

Mikey says he and Jessica’s affair began with casual sex but later escalated to an intimate relationship. “Jessica and I started texting — we used to like to have sex with each other. We ended up making a deal where we’d do it once before we got married. We were having sex multiple times a week. I was cheating on Carly while we were engaged to get married,” he admits.

Mikey claims that he and Jessica stopped having sex roughly three weeks before his wedding, but reunited less than a month later. “Jessica and I ended up having sex within the week I was back from my honeymoon, and once we [AD]spent more time together, I really started falling in love with her,” he says.

“When I found out about the affair, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I felt like there was no way this was the Mikey who I married,” Carly confides. “There was no way this was my life — it was a horrible nightmare. What hurts the most is losing your whole life all in one day and never knowing if you’re going to get it back.”

“I don’t regret anything that I’ve done with Jessica because it’s been the best year of my life,” Mikey says. “I know for a fact that I love them both. In my perfect world, I would have them both by my side for the rest of my life.”

With only Mikey onstage, Dr. Phil asks, “Now, you wrote to me, right? What is your hope for being here today? What would be the home run outcome for you?”

“For me, personally, it would be to leave here with both of them,” he says.

Dr. Phil asks Mikey why he didn't just marry Jessica, instead of choosing an affair. He says he never considered marrying her because he thought their
relationship would end after his wedding. Jessica also married Mikey’s cousin, with whom she has a son, and Mikey was the best man in their wedding. “The original agreement was that it would stop once we got married, and both couples would just live happily ever after,“ he explains.

[AD]“But that fell apart,” Dr. Phil observes. “So, your home run, your dream scenario would be for me to convince these two women that it would be reasonable to have a three-way relationship, and just live together under one roof, and be happy?”

“I wouldn’t want you to have to convince them of that,” Mikey clarifies. “I’d want them to want to do it.”

Dr. Phil calls Carly and Jessica to the stage.

The two women face off. Who will sit next to Mikey onstage?

Dr. Phil turns to Carly and asks, “Tell me your goals for being here today. I asked Mikey what his home run is. What is yours?”

“That I leave with him,” she says. “My vows meant so much, and we have so much history, and I feel like we really were one. So, I don’t really see how something like that ends.”

“And what’s the home run for you?” Dr. Phil asks Jessica. “What would you like to see happen here?”

“I want to leave with Mikey,” she says.

“So, what you’re saying here is that Carly can just go and be upset if she needs to, but you want to leave with her husband,” Dr. Phil clarifies.

[AD]“Yes,” Jessica says, admitting that she wants to eventually marry Mikey.

“Would you be at all concerned that if you married her husband, that he would have an affair on you with his ex-wife?” Dr. Phil asks.

She admits that she does worry about a possible affair should she marry Mikey, but she doesn’t plan on quitting their relationship. “If I could talk to Carly, I would tell her, ‘I love you. I hope that one day you can forgive me, but I have no plans of backing off or letting Mikey go.’”