Mail Order Brides: Bill and Wayne

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?
Bill, 56, and Wayne, 53, say they can only find love overseas.

"Let me just say, for the record, that I don't pick one out of a catalog, and she shows up at my door," Wayne clarifies. He explains that when he met his first wife, he went through hundreds of pictures, just as one would on any other widely-known dating website. He believes that the only difference is he's contacting women outside his area.

Discover how Wayne's love story ended in financial ruins.

Bill says that Russian and Ukrainian women are better than American women. "Russian women are more beautiful, educated, family-oriented and take better care of themselves," Bill says. He adds that his former American wife doubled her weight during their marriage. "That ruined the marriage." 

Bill's daughter, Alisha, says her father wants a beautiful, young, blonde woman who will treat him like a king and "feed his ego."

"I am attracted to beautiful women," Bill admits. "Why not? I'm a man."

[AD]Bill adds that, in America, women are not interested in getting married, and would rather keep their independence. Online, he says, he can find thousands of available foreign women. He belongs to 12 of these websites.

"On the Internet, and my trips to Russia, I've spent over $50,000," Bill says.

Even though Bill says he's only looking for companionship, Alisha worries that foreign women are gold diggers who prey on her dad. "This is not the way to find happiness," Alisha says.

David, Bill and Wayne all are in unison in proclaiming that American women are completely unworthy.  

"A lot of men my age have this problem of making a connection with American women," Bill says. "They've been burned and hurt. They have animosity. In a way, I feel as though I was forced to look outside of this country."

During Bill's three trips abroad, he was kidnapped, tied up, held at gunpoint, mugged and almost killed.

"Twice," Bill adds.

"I'm afraid someone is going to kill him," Alisha says. "When he comes back from one of these trips to Russia, he feels taken advantage of, but he gets right back on the computer and keeps trying. My dad likes the danger. There's no stopping him."

[AD]"I'm a risk taker," Bill says.

"While I say that it's wrong to stereotype American women, I think it's just as inaccurate to stereotype [foreign] women," Dr. Phil says. 

"I live in Southern California," Wayne says. "The women here are phony: phony boobs, phony nails. They have Botox. They show everything they've got." Wayne adds that men and women who date in America only put on a phony air of who they are.

Dr. Phil questions Wayne about his much younger love interest.

Dr. Phil asks Bill if he worries about the motivation of the woman he meets abroad, many of whom are young enough to be his daughter.

"The two women that I am interested in marrying live in Russia and are both 38 years old," Bill says, adding that they are both well-to-do women who have no need for his money or anything else from him.

"How do you know any of that is true?" Dr. Phil asks.

[AD]Bill says he works with agencies who verify information about the women.

"These beautiful, intelligent, professional women can't find someone [in Russia]?" Dr. Phil asks, rhetorically.