Mail Order Brides: Luda, etc

Love Gone Sour
Luda's love story turned into a nightmare.

Kevin, a good friend of Wayne's, believes Luda's cautionary tale should be taken as a warning. He says he worries about his friend, and the bad outcome that is always a possibility. "He is going in the same direction that he did last time," Kevin says. "The girl is beautiful. After she gets over here for a couple years, she will leave him, and it will be divorce number three. I love him to death, and I don't want him to get hurt, but he will get hurt." He continues that he'd rather see Wayne spend that money to better himself so that he can attract a woman more local who will love him for who he is.

Previous guest David agrees that Bill and Wayne are going about finding love in the wrong way. "No money is the world is going to allow these two gentlemen to marry a woman half their age," David says. He says there is also a cultural difference to take into consideration.

Wayne agrees and has seen that cultural difference firsthand.

"[But] people are people," Bill says. "Russian women have the same desires and wants as American women." He says a major difference he has seen has more to do with the closeness they have with family.

[AD]"I don't have to go to Russia. There are Russian communities right here in Los Angeles," Wayne says.

"Well, why don't you?" Dr. Phil asks Wayne.

"I'll give you a great reason," Wayne answers. "As soon as they posted a picture of my fianceé, everyone thought, like she would be with him. That's the mentality of the United States. She is way too beautiful for him. He's out of her league."


"You can't tell me that there is chemistry between you!" Bill tells Wayne of his fianceé.