Man Camp, Part 6: Whole Group

Man Camp Reunion

Dr. Phil tells all the couples, "I hope that you recognize, because there are kids involved in every situation, that it's really worth making the efforts that you've made and are going to make. Because I have to tell you, Robin and I have been married 30 years, so both of our boys have grown up with both of their parents and no divorce. And almost all of their friends are from divorced families, and I watch the difference in the kids, and the challenges they face, and the things they talk about, and it's just really different. It's a tremendous gift to your children. If you stay together, then you stay together constructively. If you love your children, and I know you do, then you'll take care of their mother and father. And you all have worked very hard. I hope that you will be proud of yourselves."

Cherie says, "We both came home with a new attitude, and the kids were like, ‘Who are you?' You know, John was calling me darlin', and they didn't quite get that … But it was those changes that they were excited about, and we've got to keep it up for them."

"Every day we get up, every thing we do, every word we speak is writing on the slate of who they are," Dr. Phil says. "With the words you say, the actions you take, what did you write on them today? And fortunately, it's a white board. It's not too late. You can erase that stuff and write good things on it. So, I just think that's really important. You've done a good thing."

The couples give their final thoughts:

"I'm actually excited to take it to the next level," Cherie says. "We've never reached anything beyond this point. I'm a little bit curious to see what's going to happen. We both made some huge changes. Huge changes. Might seem simple to other people, but they've really set us on the right path."

"I'm hoping everything's going to work out well," John says. "I mean, it's done a 360 since the show. Treating her with a little more respect, a role model for the kids. I used to be really hot tempered and angry, and I would explode a lot, hold things in and then blow up, but I've learned to control that."

Scott says, "Dr. Phil gave me lots of good advice today. I'm going to try to take it all to heart. Before I came in here, I didn't think my drinking was a problem. But the perspective Dr. Phil put it in, you know, it's got some warning signs. It could be a problem."


"I believe that if Scott can stay clean and sober, and I can curb my anger, that our relationship has a really good chance," Tara says. "I'm really excited that Scott made a commitment to Dr. Phil about the 90 days, and I hope he's a man of his word, and if he isn't able to do it, I hope that he does call Dr. Phil like he told him he would."

"It's never too late to have a new beginning," Nic says. "It's never too late to start anew. Dr. Phil told us that we were on the right path, pretty much, and that he's proud of us and what we've done."

"Walking out on stage and talking with Dr. Phil was pretty intense and exciting and a relief that we're getting to that final part," Amanda says. "We're going to make it. We're going to be one of those elderly couples who are still flirting and still in love."