Marriage Checkups: Brad and Jenni

Marriage Checkups: Brad and Jenni
Dr. Phil checks in with a couple that was struggling.
"Brad hasn't exploded watching sports even once since we were on the show," says Jenni. They can now watch sports together — even if his favorite team loses! "Brad is a better husband now, our relationship is better," she adds. "Before, the majority of our arguments had to do with his temper." Now, Brad is also more open and communicative.

When Brad came on the show, Dr. Phil asked him to describe a defining moment in his life, and Brad recalled when his nephew died in an accident he was involved in. Dr. Phil helped Brad realize that the anger he expressed while watching sports had absolutely nothing to do with sports. "When Dr. Phil pointed out how it applies to my life now, it all made sense," says Brad. "I now know why I had so much rage."

Brad's relationship with his wife is not the only thing that has improved. He's gotten closer with his family, too. Immediately after the show, Brad called his father and they had a heart-to-heart talk, and he's since had a heartfelt conversation with his sister.

"His whole demeanor is different," says Jenni about her husband.

"Thank you Dr. Phil for helping me with my temper," Brad says. "Things are starting to make more sense."